Lairds is a family run business, a small team with  a passion for technology. Every project is a challenge and we strive to ensure its success. Each individual system is designed as a truly custom project, based on the clients requirements and budget. No two projects are ever the same. Lairds aim is to become our clients first resource for high-end audio visual equipment, music and television installation, and home theatre systems.

Lairds specialize in Residential Networks, the foundation for everything from home cinema systems, home entertainment, and home automation. Our experience in Residential Networks and product knowledge complement our core values of honesty, integrity, and professionalism. High-end audio-visual requires high-end service. Therefore, at Laird’s, we handle your project from concept to design to the finished product. We are meticulous in our attention to detail and the quality of our installations of home theater systems.

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts

The Team

Mark LinkedIn

Mark – Owner – Viceroy of Technological Excellence and Chief Troublemaker

Military Trained with 30 years of experience in Communications, Cyber, and Networking.

Uniquely experienced as a Managing Director in both the network security, residential property, and the consumer electronics industry. Skilled in Business development with substantial experience in multi-discipline communications and technology and how it assists the sale of new homes. With a major focus on the security and safety of our clients and their information.

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Johanna Laird – Business Development Phenomenologist

Degree Qualified in Business Development

Self Driven and having obtained a degree in Business while gaining invaluable experience with Lairds of Troon Jo has progressed to the role of Business Development Manager. Motivated and always open to new ideas and suggestions. Currently developing a Customer Management System for Lairds Of Troon involving new and existing customers, suppliers, and Distributors to enable our customers to have a professional and reliable service. Jo provides solutions to customers’ requirements relating to their home technology, this covers budget, ease of use, and functionality whilst providing a seamless solution that works with the individual and home. Jo prides herself on providing a personalized experience every time when interacting with Lairds of Troon…

Her LinkedIn profile can be found Here

Laura LinkedIn

Laura Meader – Marketing Team – Media Car-Crash

How do you make an impression in the world of business? Well, in Laura’s case she crashed her car head-on into Mark and Jo’s. Now, she is part of the marketing team. With an HND  in Photography, Laura is responsible for our professional-grade photography as well as tremendous editing and she plays a pivotal role in our social media campaigns at Lairds

Her LinkedIn profile can be found Here

Jack LinkedIn

Jack Ross – Junior Technician – Easily Injured

Jack is a gentle soul with a thoughtful and composed approach to learning and to his work. Coming to Lairds with no experience in tech he has proven time and time again to be a valuable member of the team. Interestingly enough though, Jack is exceptionally injury prone. Not a day goes by without Jo busting out the first aid kit. If you ever have the pleasure of meeting Jack please keep him away from wet floors, black ice, sharp objects, blunt objects, things you might catch your elbow on, things you might catch your shins on, low ceilings, uneven steps, flammable objects or any other potential hazards.

His LinkedIn profile can be found Here

Calum LinkedIn

Calum Connolly – Junior Technician – Master of Mischief

Every yin has its yang, and while Jack is our quiet technician, Calum is our vocal technician. Calum is a hard worker who is not afraid to ask questions if it means he can absorb more knowledge. He likes to take a hands-on approach and get stuck in, and find out as he goes along – even if it leads to trouble. Of course, there are mornings, mostly Mondays, when Calum’s chatty nature isn’t the most appreciated, but the team at Lairds knows he means well and values him as a vital member of the team. 

His LinkedIn profile can be found Here

Taylor LinkedIn

Taylor Keenan – IT – Electromagnetic Wrestler

Within days of his arrival, Taylor had totally dismantled, cleaned and reassembled Mark’s broken Bat-Computer, and had it up and running again. Needless to say, this impressed all of us at Lairds and since then Taylor has asserted himself as our resident IT specialist with his skill and efficiency.

His LinkedIn profile can be found Here

Michael LinkedIn

Michael Harkin – Admin – Organiser of Random Thoughts and Erratic Activity

Handling the administrative duties at Lairds is Michael. Michael is a hard-working member of the team, and his role here ensures the smooth function of the business as he keeps everyone right and organized, from the marketing team to the technicians.

Outside of Lairds, Michael is heavily involved in the arts, particularly theatre and he says he loves to perform on stage as it is a break from the high drama that occurs daily in the Lairds office!

His LinkedIn profile can be found Here


Castlemore Alex – Company Mascot

Our company Mascot, and the heart and soul of the company, is Castlemore Alex. Known simply around the stables, and in the office, as ‘Alex’, this Dappled-grey Connemara has been under the care of Laura since 2019. He’s a handsome devil – It’s plain to see! – and comes in at a height of 16.1 hands!

Alex competes in jumping and dressage competitions all over the UK and always makes us proud, repping his Lairds colors!

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customer service

First Class Support

Our admin team are available, Monday to Friday from 8am to 5pm to answer any of your queries. We also have an out of hours maintenance team who can provide you with emergency assistance.


Technical mastery

We have many years experience in this industry. We rarely say ‘no’ to a client when they ask for a solution which is difficult or challenging. We will always find a way to provide the client with the service they require – even if this involves some new solutions which have not been tried before!


1yr warranty

We provide as standard a 1 year warranty on all parts and labour for the systems we provide. If you have any issues during this year we will attend to resolve them and replace equipment if needed. We also have full support contracts available for our clients.

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