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Assisted Smart Home Living

Assisted Smart Home Living

Are you a carer or have someone in your life who has reduced mobility and you want to offer them a solution to live in their home easily without 24 hour supervision and care? Then Lairds could help by offering a Assisted Smart Home Living System that would give the person their independence at their own comfort.

Home Automation

Home Automation is a fast-growing industry that looks to improve the homes and lives of people in more ways than one. From Smart Appliances, to central control over heating and electricity, Home Automation allows for those with reduced mobility to be comfortable and in control of their lifestyle with just a simple touch of the button.



Another thing that we can give you with assisted living is your security! Peace of mind is important for everyone, which includes you and your loved ones. With limited visitation possible, especially through a pandemic such as Covid-19. Lairds can expertly install CCTV and alarm systems in your residence which allows you to feel safe and secure from anywhere with viewing access from anywhere at the touch of a button on your phone.



The next thing that is available in Assisted Living is better connectivity with your family, especially when visitation is limited! Zoom Calls and FaceTime are more important now than what they ever were, and the last thing you want is poor connection and buffering. With Home Networks and WIFI , expertly installed by Lairds AV, never waste a moment catching up with loved ones!


Virtual Reality

The last thing that we can offer as part of our Assisted Living systems looks to the future and the bigger picture! Make global efforts local efforts with Virtual Reality Offices and Laboratories. Modern Office Solutions allow for more connectivity, better research and more efficiency, whether it’s to help with day-to-day business, or innovative medical research. Allow yourself or your loved one to independently work and join meetings without having to move from their seat.


So, if this sounds like something you need for your yourself or your loved one, get in contact with the team for a bespoke system tailored to your needs.

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