Bars and Restaurants

Lairds of Troon have a proven record of accomplishment working with Scotland’s top restaurateurs helping to create the best venues and spaces in the country. In the modern world there are many places operating at a high level of culinary excellence, and customer service is an expectation. What can help a venue to become memorable is its atmosphere.

Therefore, the technology we provide helps to create that desired atmosphere and with the more advanced sound systems, you can maintain a crystal clear level of audio, without customers needing to shout over it to be heard.

Consequently, these venues are award winning wedding venues and CNN approved dining spaces. We have AV and network systems that not only complement the spaces but will improve operating processes and help maximise revenue.

To clarify, our long list of services include:

  • Distributed Audio Systems
  • Distributed Video Systems
  • Digital Signage Systems
  • High Throughput centrally managed WIFI.
  • High Capacity Networks
  • PPOS Systems
  • Client Self Service Ordering Systems
  • High Lumin Projection
  • Projection Mapping
  • Event Space Technology Management
  • Event Space Technology Design

So, call Lairds for an appointment or check out some of commercial projects in bars and restaurants across the UK.

Alternately, you can view some of these venues yourself here and here!

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