Today’s Conference rooms must have a quick turnaround, and have the potential to have many users unfamiliar with how to operate the AV system. The demand is fierce not only from the users but from the staff. Simplicity is key, an integrated system that works with the press of a button. A single button press brings dependable video conferencing that businesses demand to keep their work moving forward. Video conferencing can help reduce travel costs, allowing worldwide collaboration.
It’s also able to work with obscure requests, old laptops, outdated file formats, who knows what a client will request! And above all, who knows what the future will bring.

We design our conference systems for meeting rooms with simplicity of use in mind and with a view to expansion. Every business sees the conference rooms and meeting places as investments now and for the foreseeable future. With Lairds of Troon, you can ensure that your board rooms and meeting places can evolve with your business.

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