Brand of the Month – April 2022

We’re happy to announce that Steinway Lyngdorf are our featured Brand of the Month for April 2022! Featuring the best range of speakers that would blow away even the late great Danish composer, Carl Nielsen! Why not enjoy Nielsen’s breath taking symphonies with some brand new Steinway Lyngdorf speakers?
With this months’ featured brand focusing on Steinway Lyngdorf, we’re throwing it back to this article from last year that will tell you everything you need to know.
‘We believe that Steinway Lyngdorf’s commitment to the sound quality of their audio systems aligns with our philosophy about the cinematic experience.’
To visit our own auditorium for a demonstration of the Lyngdorf TDAI 3400 amplifier and MH2 and BW-2 speakers, get in touch with us at 01563 475033.

Featured Products

We are featuring the product, the Model B Audio System! This bit of kit is specifically designed to reproduce the audio quality of more expensive models but in a smaller package! Despite its size, the Model B is still incredibly powerful with true quad-amplification just like that of Steinway & Sons other products!
To top this all off the Model B is a prime example of Steinway Lyngdorf’s integrated system approach! In short, this piece of equipment is designed to work in tandem with all other Steinway & Sons, giving each system its own unique sound! This makes it so that a Steinway Lyngdorf kit can be installed in any room that you can imagine and still have that same top of the line sound that they are so famous for!
The result of this masterpiece is absolutely spectacular, and you could have it in your home! Lairds AV are a recognised dealer of Steinway Lyngdorf products and can install their equipment in your home! So, if you’re interested in products like the Model B, get in touch today!
The final featured product for the month of April, we are promoting the Head Unit Processor from Steinway Lyngdorf! Not only does this processor have the capability to centralise your entire sound setup, but it also looks like something straight out of Star Wars!
The sleek luxury design isn’t just for show, the master craftsmanship of Steinway Lyngdorf for this product incorporates precision-machined Swiss bearings and even gold plating for that extravagant feel!

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