Brand of the Month – July 2022

Another month brings another featured Brand of the Month! For the month of July, the Lairds team are going to focus on Control4.
From the pool to thermostats, gates to garage doors, entertainment to security systems. And almost anything in between, Control4 allows you to control and manage your devices or systems. For the month of July, watch the Lairds page and find out what Control4 can do for you and your home!
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Brand of the Month – Featured Areas

Controlled from the Simple Press of a Button

Control4’s is a household name, leading the charge in home automation systems for operating all areas of your home. They offer countless products which allow the homeowner to manage all areas of their home. Climate Control, Home Network, Home Security, Multi-Room Audio, and Smart Lighting. All these controlled through a remote or even voice commands!
There is a myriad of items that Control4 have to offer; smart doorbells, security cameras, thermostats, centralised lighting panels, motion sensors, and KNX devices. As a result, this should just about cover you every need! To give you even more control, all of these systems can be controlled from the simple press of a button in the Control4 smartphone app. Or if smartphones aren’t your thing, you can have a keypad fitted to your wall, or maybe a traditional remote, or even a portable touch screen!
The Lairds AV tech team absolutely love Control4 products, they’re like kids on Christmas morning! Keep an eye on our page for the rest of July to find out even more information on Control4 and what it can do for your home!
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Home Control through Neeo Remotes

Good golly it is sweltering out! While the sun is beaming down, setting fire to the unprepared, Lairds AV clients are sat in the shade and comfort of their homes! Too warm? Turn down that thermostat! Too stuff? Turn on that fan! Too sunny? Shut those blinds!
Now I don’t know about you, but that sounds like a lot of walking around your home, and it is far too warm for all that hullaballoo! So, imagine if you will, all of that being done through a single remote from the comfort of your sun lounger, sofa or ice baths!
Well our featured brand, Control4, make all of that possible thanks to their Neeo Remotes! And on top of all of that it functions as a TV remote and can even control your home security system! All this and more within the palm of your hand with Control4.
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Control4 App

Does having technology installed across your house sounding quite intimidating? Are you worried that you might be faced with the control panel of a spaceship from the hit film series, Star Wars? Or even Star Trek? Well fear no longer!
Meet the Control4 app! You can control all the equipment in your home network remotely from your mobile phone!
Has a sudden chill come in, but you aren’t home to pop the heating on? You can turn up the heat with just a press of a button from your phone. Has the sun shone through the window and woken you up on your day off, but you’re too lazy to get up and close the blinds? Well, Control4’s app can integrate with your automated blinds.
As always, our featured brand for July 2022, Control4 has your back!
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