Brand of the Month – March 2022

We’re happy to announce that M&K Sound / Miller & Kreisel are our featured Brand of the Month for March 2022! Featuring the best in-wall or bookshelf loudspeakers, or a complete and compact surround sound set-up!
Get yourself an audio set-up using the same patented technology that has produced sound for even more Oscar nominated films at this upcoming academy awards!
These guys continually lead the industry in sound quality, and have their tech featured in multiple Oscar nominated films, at this year’s Academy Awards right around the corner.
That’s a guarantee that you’re getting the very best, and their brand new V+ series packs all that sound quality into lifestyle-friendly, compact subwoofers!
The V+ series can, of course, be found in our shop so click the link and sort out your loudspeaker set-up for summer!
It’s been a big month for M&K in March, as their tech helped numerous films notch awards at this years #oscars2022 !
Now, their tech works behind the scenes on some of the greatest films of the past year, but by following the link you can get that amazing sound quality in your living room with their 5.1 Surround sound set-up!

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