Brand of the Month – May 2022

The team here at Lairds are proud to announce our featured Brand of the Month for May 2022! For the full month we will be promoting product from one of our wonderful suppliers, Sonance!
Now what sets Sonance apart from other audio-oriented companies is that their range of speakers, woofers and subs include their ‘Invisible Series’. As we like to rattle on here at Lairds, cable management is a huge focus for us, keeping those pesky wires out of sight. Sonance take it a step further with their In-Wall and In-Ceiling speakers! But we don’t want to spoil too much of what Sonance have to offer, that will come later this month as we feature a range of products from them! So, keep your eyes (and more importantly, your ears) peeled!
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Featured Products

Despite the bad weather we’ve been having in Scotland, the summer months are just around the corner! So, what better time to start planning garden parties! Thankfully Sonance have you covered with their ‘Sonance Garden Series’. As our featured Brand of the Month for May, we know how impressive these garden sound systems are! The Garden Series even gives you the option of an 8.1 set up, or in other words an 8-speaker layout placed specifically to the size and shape of your garden! Be ready for the sun with Sonance!
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Now, we featured the Garden Series from Sonance. And as amazing as they are, they don’t exactly blend in seamlessly to a vast natural garden… enter Sonance’s Rock Speakers! These durable outdoor speakers will ROCK your world! They are durable, corrosion-free, and weather-resistant in all the conditions. Everything from hot sunny days to miserable wind and rain, they are even designed to be resistant to snow! They are ROCK SOLID no matter the weather! You can even start your very own rock collection and create a setup around your garden! Needless to say, Sonance really BOULDER over the competition! They put the Rock in Rock ‘n’ Roll.
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Finally, we are focusing on Sonance Mariners! The line of Mariners speakers ranges in size from small, medium, and large. But no matter the size, Sonance’s Mariners pack a punch! These speakers are perfect for outdoor use to jazz up your patio or courtyard! Holding an outdoor soirée? Imagine how much better it could be with some high-performance outdoor speakers! Got a big street party coming up? You’ll be the talk of the town with some weather resistant Sonance Mariners!
If any of these products are of interest to you, don’t hesitate to get in contact with our team for further information and how to buy these wonderful speakers!

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