One of the most common asked questions to our employees when they tell their friends and family that they work for us is “What is an AV Company?”. We’ve realised this is a question that more than just family and friends hold. Therefore, in this article, we are going to tell you all about what an AV company is and does.

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What is an AV Company?

An AV Company is responsible for supply and installation, and in some cases, operation of equipment that directly or indirectly process sound or visual media. When we talk about audio-visual technology, we’re referring to the synchronisation of audio equipment such as speakers and visual equipment or video walls, controllers, processors, and matrix switchers. Therefore, it is responsible for all things motion picture, radio, presentations, tv programs, conferencing, live performance, and more.

Some AV companies will focus exclusively on providing specific pieces of AV equipment to venues and people, whereas other larger outfits provide AV hire services as part of their broader spectrum. In other words, an AV company often wears many hats.

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What Services Do AV Companies Offer?

The services that are offered by an AV company, will vary from business to business. Some businesses will specialise in hire / supply and setting up AV installations for events. Whereas, other businesses will not only offer AV equipment for hire, but they will include the supply and installation of equipment in residential or commercial buildings.

What you require from an AV company will be dependent on the nature, scale, and the location. For example, if you are a business looking to hold small conference calls, then all you may need is a small system. This includes a projector, screen and a conferencing microphone and speaker. Or, if you’re a family-man looking to provide your home with a full entertainment system and security. The equipment you’re then looking at is speakers, CCTV, projectors, lighting and much more.

Ease and Access of Audio-Visual Technology

During the pandemic, as we all withdrew into our homes, the AV industry came to the rescue. By bringing the office into the comfort of our own homes, this gave a more flexible approach to working. This ensured that everyone was able to continue working, communicating, and connecting with each other. Done via digital means never thought of before.

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What are the most decisive AV industry trends?

Like all industries, an AV Company will follow trends. Trends allow for the creation of big waves in the future, and allow for expansion and more exposure. The most popular AV trends that we have in 2022 are;

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Contact Us

If you think you can incorporate an Audio Visual system into your home or business, don’t hesitate to get in contact with the Lairds team, and we’ll make your dream become a reality.


Brand of the Month – August 2022

We are now well on our way into August 2022, and it is finally time to announce our Featured Brand of the Month, Gallo Acoustics. With our sad news last week, we felt that it was right to delay this announcement. But to make up for lost time, today we are also featuring a product from Gallo Acoustics!

Featured Brand of the Month – Featured Products

Gallo Droplet Speakers

What better place to start than with Gallo Acoustics’ Droplet speakers?! Are the regular humdrum speakers too boxy for your liking? Do their right angles offend you somehow? Or do you just want to be a bit different? Whatever your reason, Gallo Acoustics has you covered!
Be it Micro, Micro SE, A’Diva or A’Diva SE; the Droplet Series offer a great range of speaker based on your sound wants and needs! The best part of all? These speakers can become a real fixture of your interior design, not just a box behind your couch or a disk in your ceiling. With 11 stock colours and 9 different cable finishes, the Droplet speakers give you the option best suited to your aesthetic! As Gallo Acoustics put it themselves, they bring you ‘Music From Above’ for your home and your business!
If you want to see the droplet speakers in person, why not check out Ka Pao in Glasgow, where we at Lairds have installed these sleek speakers to give the best aesthetically pleasing sound possible. Or even read our case study which covers everything on this job!
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Gallo ProfileSub

Gallo Acoustics coming out with another banger of audio equipment for today’s Featured Product! Feast your eyes and ears on the low-profile ProfileSub!
Do you want your interior design to have that sleek look without leaving you short changed in the audio department? The ProfileSub is perfect for just that! Words don’t do it justice, imagine having an orchestra under your couch, or an all-out battle in a fantasy land coming from all four walls!
The ProfileSub gives you that powerful yet controlled bass extension in a discreet, design-conscious package. So discreet in fact that you can place it under your couch to really target your audio experience! Bringing audio mastery with your comfort in mind. If you didn’t know any better, looking at the ProfileSub you’d think it was just another part of your couch!
Not a fan of the under the couch option? Well, the ProfileSub’s versatility means it can be installed on the wall either vertically or horizontally! This subwoofer is perfect for adapting to your unique space and preferences..
You need to see it to experience it, well if you can find it that is!
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Strada 2

“Our ambition should be to rule ourselves, the true kingdom for each one of us; and true progress is to know more, and be more, and to do more.” ― Oscar Wilde
If there was just one word to describe our Featured Brand for August 2022, it would be ambitious! Gallo Acoustics are true progressives, bringing you the Strada 2 series. Building off of the original Strada design, which despite its small size and relatively small cost, provided the audio quality of a much larger speaker.
The Strada 2 helps give you that realistic live performance quality in your home, while fitting around your interior design! Placed subtly on a shelf, fixed to a wall, floor stand; the Strada 2 is as versatile as its consumer!
Looking for some extra immersion? The Strada 2 Centre is an alternate version, utilising a horizontal layout and not compromising in performance even while using a multi-channel system!
As with all Gallo Acoustics products, they continue to push the envelope in both sound quality and aesthetic. There’s nothing quite like a speaker from Gallo Acoustics!
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TR-3D Subwoofer

We are now on the penultimate day of August, if you can believe it! So that means there is just enough time for us to show off one last product from our featured brand, Gallo Acoustics! Now all the products we have shown so far from Gallo have been minimal in design and maximum in sound, so today we’d like to highlight a subwoofer that you know packs a punch!
Meet the TR-3D Subwoofer, in typical Gallo Acoustics fashion, this dynamic subwoofer has a sleek design that can blend in seamlessly or make a statement! And if the design isn’t enough to blow your socks off the sound definitely will!
But even the greatest of stallions can be tamed, Gallo Acoustics have put the reins in your hands! Boasting an array of capabilities and precise control over the smooth and powerful bass, the TR-3D is designed for both music and movies. In short, this subwoofer is a versatile powerhouse! But don’t just take our word for it, have a look at what the master craftsmen at Gallo Acoustics have to say.
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Brand of the Month – July 2022

Another month brings another featured Brand of the Month! For the month of July, the Lairds team are going to focus on Control4.
From the pool to thermostats, gates to garage doors, entertainment to security systems. And almost anything in between, Control4 allows you to control and manage your devices or systems. For the month of July, watch the Lairds page and find out what Control4 can do for you and your home!
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Brand of the Month – Featured Areas

Controlled from the Simple Press of a Button

Control4’s is a household name, leading the charge in home automation systems for operating all areas of your home. They offer countless products which allow the homeowner to manage all areas of their home. Climate Control, Home Network, Home Security, Multi-Room Audio, and Smart Lighting. All these controlled through a remote or even voice commands!
There is a myriad of items that Control4 have to offer; smart doorbells, security cameras, thermostats, centralised lighting panels, motion sensors, and KNX devices. As a result, this should just about cover you every need! To give you even more control, all of these systems can be controlled from the simple press of a button in the Control4 smartphone app. Or if smartphones aren’t your thing, you can have a keypad fitted to your wall, or maybe a traditional remote, or even a portable touch screen!
The Lairds AV tech team absolutely love Control4 products, they’re like kids on Christmas morning! Keep an eye on our page for the rest of July to find out even more information on Control4 and what it can do for your home!
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Home Control through Neeo Remotes

Good golly it is sweltering out! While the sun is beaming down, setting fire to the unprepared, Lairds AV clients are sat in the shade and comfort of their homes! Too warm? Turn down that thermostat! Too stuff? Turn on that fan! Too sunny? Shut those blinds!
Now I don’t know about you, but that sounds like a lot of walking around your home, and it is far too warm for all that hullaballoo! So, imagine if you will, all of that being done through a single remote from the comfort of your sun lounger, sofa or ice baths!
Well our featured brand, Control4, make all of that possible thanks to their Neeo Remotes! And on top of all of that it functions as a TV remote and can even control your home security system! All this and more within the palm of your hand with Control4.
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Control4 App

Does having technology installed across your house sounding quite intimidating? Are you worried that you might be faced with the control panel of a spaceship from the hit film series, Star Wars? Or even Star Trek? Well fear no longer!
Meet the Control4 app! You can control all the equipment in your home network remotely from your mobile phone!
Has a sudden chill come in, but you aren’t home to pop the heating on? You can turn up the heat with just a press of a button from your phone. Has the sun shone through the window and woken you up on your day off, but you’re too lazy to get up and close the blinds? Well, Control4’s app can integrate with your automated blinds.
As always, our featured brand for July 2022, Control4 has your back!
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Wi-Fi Experience

The internet plays an important part in our lives. We rely on it for many things; to communicate, work, learn and have fun. This makes it important that our wifi meets our needs. In an ever changing world, most people use Wi-Fi to connect devices such as mobile phones, laptops and tablets to our home broadband internet connection without wires.

Have you ever wanted to throw away your Wi-Fi router as it doesn’t run the way you were guaranteed? Here are the most common issues that people experience with Wi-Fi.

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Common Issues

  1. Your devices won’t connect to the internet.
  2. Nothing can connect to the Wi-Fi.
  3. Slow / no internet in specific rooms.
  4. Slow internet in every room.
  5. Random drop outs.


  1. Is everyone else online? Are your family, friends or colleagues are connected, but only your devices, laptop, phone or PC, just to refuse to connect?
  2. Are the relevant lights on the router? What colour of lights show against your broadband / internet connection?
  3. Is there something obstructing the Wi-Fi signal? How far away are the rooms from the router?
  4. Are all devices struggling? Is there something obstructing the Wi-Fi signal?
  5. Are you using the internet and suddenly no one can connect, and then a few minutes later it comes back?


  1. Some tips to help reconnect your devices to the internet; turn off the Wi-Fi on your device and then tell your device to forget the connection. Once you have done this, switch off your device and then turn it back on. As soon as the device is on, you can try to reconnect the internet. *Please note: you may need the Wi-Fi password to proceed to reconnect.
  2. Have you checked the lights on your router? If there is a red light displaying against the broadband or internet connection, you will need to speak to your service provider. If you find that their lines are busy and there’s a long wait, then it may be an issue many people are experiencing. If this isn’t the case, then it may be a problem with your router, and you may need to consider buying a new one!
  3. If you can, move the router to a more central location to allow the Wi-Fi to reach throughout the house. Or if the internet is used in a particular area, move the router closer to this room. Does your router have external antennas? If so, you could ensure that they are positioned correctly. This includes trying them in different positions, and ensuring they’re not obstructed by a piece of furniture or otherwise.
  4. If the internet has dropped for everyone, then follow these steps; by using an ethernet cable, plug the laptop into the router directly and then test the internet speed using If you find that the internet speed is still slow, then there is a connection issue and you need to contact your service provider. Alike to point 2, If you find that their lines are busy and there’s a long wait, then it may be an issue many people are experiencing. If this isn’t the case, then it may be a problem with your router, and you may need to consider buying a new one!
  5. If your internet drops out more than once, try and spot a pattern. Does it drop out when a certain device is used? Or when a particular vehicle passes your house? Or it’s even an issue if you have an older microwave. Some routers are known to suffer from older microwaves. Crazy, right? It could even be your neighbours. Does it drop out when they come home from work? Keep note and notice the patterns, and try to avoid certain issues that are possible to avoid.

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What Can Lairds Do?

Are you experiencing any Wi-Fi issues? Or do you want your current Wi-Fi state checked? Then contact us, and we will do our best to help. Whether we can advise you on a new router, service provider, or even just a booster, the team at Lairds always put our clients first.


Lairds Employee of the Month 2022

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Brand of the Month – June 2022

The team here at Lairds are proud to announce our featured ‘Brand of the Month’ for June 2022! For the full month we will be promoting product from one of our wonderful suppliers, ProofVision!
We are officially one week into June 2022! What a year it’s been from storms in January to snow in February, and not much better from March to May. But now finally… SUN! Summer truly is right around the corner so stock up on your sunscreen and ice-lollies! While you’re at it, why not get yourself an outdoor TV? Not just any TV, a ProofVision TV! Our chosen brand for June 2022 offers a range of resilient waterproof TVs, ideal for the ever-changing UK weather!
ProofVision, TV, Brand of the Month

Brand of the Month – Featured Products

ProofVision Lifestyle Plus

As of writing this its 20°C in London, expected to hit 31°C this Friday! Finally seems like the summer sun is on the way… hopefully it gets to Scotland soon too. Much like the Doomsday Preppers, the Lairds team are Summer Preppers stocking up on our sunscreen and shorts.
Our clients have clearly gotten the memo with a demand for outdoor technology. The most popular lately has been outdoor TVs from our featured brand of the month for June, ProofVision.
Today, we would like to shine the outdoor spotlight on the Lifestyle Plus Outdoor TV. Now we know you may have some reservations about getting an outdoor TV, and who can blame you? There’s a lot of variables. Will it be able to work rain, shine or snow? Is it going to have the same quality as an indoor TV? Could the picture be overpowered by glare from the sun?
Well, the Lifestyle Plus Outdoor TV is completely weatherproof with the ever changing UK weather in mind, from -20°C all the way up to 60°C! The screen works on 4K Ultra HD with an anti-reflective screen that is 5 times brighter than a regular TV! Glare is a thing of the past!
You can learn more about the Lifestyle Plus and all other ProofVision products here.
ProofVision, TV, Brand of the Month

ProofVision TV Pod Plus

ProofVision also provide people with protective pods for their outdoor screens. Rain, shine or snow your outdoor TV will be protected! The TV Pod Plus, comes in three sizes for your screen; 43″, 55″, 65″. These pods are the perfect partners for your ProofVision outdoor TVs!
ProofVision, TV, Brand of the Month

ProofVision Aire Plus

Well, we are firmly in the last week of June 2022. So, it’s time to wrap up (or rather dress down) our summer feature on ProofVision! With July rolling in, the sun rolls in with it!
For our final ProofVision featured product, we’d like to shine some (summer sun) light on their series of Aire Plus outdoor TVs! These TVs are specifically designed for outdoor use, thanks to their ultra-high brightness and 4k ultra-HD display!
The Aire Plus series range in size, starting at 43” and finishing at 86”! But should you want a smaller more affordable alternative there is the 32” Aire outdoor TV, boasting high brightness and a full HD display, all in a smaller package!
ProofVision, TV, Brand of the Month

Brand of the Month – Contact Us

Have you found any of the products above, in our featured brand of the month, to be useful for your needs? Get in contact with one of the team and we will do our best to meet your requirements!

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