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CCTV and Security

Lairds work with cutting edge security and camera technology to keep you safe. CCTV and Security: Using a tailored approach to our clients needs we can provide a detailed and fully comprehensive security solution for our clients.

Our CCTV and Security installations include a combination of the most advanced IP video surveillance in the industry. Furthermore, the latest modular alarm systems from Satel enables implementation of top-class security systems, access control and smart building automatic control functions.

So, rest easy knowing your system will keep you and your family safe.

Some of the trusted brands we use can be found here and here.

In a home with busy lifestyles and the latest technology it makes sense that the CCTV and security makes the most of the facilities available in the home

Lairds include the current or future requirement of home security in any wiring infrastructure that we design. After all, the cameras, alarm panels and sensors use the exact same cabling infrastructure as all the other network devices on the network. So you know that your home system will evolve with you. The IP CCTV cameras can be viewed not only using local screens or monitors, they can be viewed from mobile devices and computers by authorized persons using secure connections from anywhere in the world. Today’s alarm systems, and their sensors, use the same infrastructure, can evolve and grow as required. Both these systems will now be interlinked, with each other and the homes automation system. Cameras can be configured to set off alarms, use facial recognition and motion to trigger actions and alerts and more. If you have the requirement, don’t hesitate to contact us to arrange a meeting.
Physical Security

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