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Clubhouse Golf Simulator

Does your clubhouse need a facelift and brought into the 21st century? Then we can add advanced tech!

In the world of technology, things don’t stop evolving and improving, so neither do we. As a company that specializes in both Commercial and Residential Networks, that supports everything from home cinema systems, commercial av, home entertainment, and home automation, but it doesn’t stop there. Why not look at installing a golf simulator?

Golf Simulator 2

Build Your Project

In a recent project, Lairds were asked to create a visualization for a golf simulator, transforming old storage rooms into a modern, flowing golf experience, using technology to its best advantage. Our aim was to bring up to date facilities to the clubhouse, by using modern technology, which in turn, is going to bring in all ages and abilities, and intensify the attraction to golf by creating a social space, with a focal point on the golf simulator and training facilities.

At Lairds, we aim to present visually stunning, on-demand golf simulation, which will come with a level of realism. As a result, this is allowing the player to be pulled into a golfing environment that is vivid, real and engaging. Pick up your clubs and play a round at Royal County Down, or even Pebble Beach. You will need reminding that there is a real world outside. We believe that these simulators and experiences can be used as a fun escape, or as a practicing tool. If your club delivers the best golf simulator that’s on the market, this will transfer onto the course and help you see measurable changes in your game.

Why You Should Choose A Golf Simulator

Why is a golf simulator the way forward? Even in weather conditions that don’t permit to being outdoors, the simulator allows for people to conveniently play and practice their golf in a controlled environment. The simulator is also easily accessible to members who may have disabilities which prevent them from using the course to its full potential. As a result, making sure that all members are treated well, and fair. While keeping members happy, there is also the potential return of investment through hiring the simulator out and providing a platform for individual coaching from professional trainers. This could be a private hire or could be hired for corporate events or private parties.


If this is something that interests you, and you want to put some ideas forward that can come to life, then please don’t hesitate to get in contact with the team at Lairds and we will do our best to accommodate.

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