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Community Together – Pop Up Cinema
Luxury garden cinema

Bring The Community Together

Are you wanting to bring your community together? After over a year of isolation and lockdowns, life returning to normal is going to be a scary step for a lot of people. Why not help them get out the house with inviting them to a local event using our ‘Pop-Up Cinema’.

Before lockdown, our Pop-Up Cinema was often used in communities, such as Dundonald Castle, or the Masonic Hall in Troon, along with other organizations which booked as a private hire. With a 130” cinema projection screen, our pop-up cinema could be set up in so that social distancing can still apply. Even when restrictions ease, for those attending, they can still watch in comfort and with ease.

Service Provided

Here at Lairds, while providing a hire service of our pop-up cinema, we can also provide the service of set up and dismantle system. As a result, this means it could be hassle free for you – all you must do is get the community together. Alongside this, we can provide a popcorn machine, either fully equipped or not, giving that full cinema feeling for everyone to enjoy.

Real Cinema Feel

Along with the large projection screen, at Lairds we use a 4k Epson Projector, with a 5.1 surround sound system, using top of the range Sonance cabinet speakers, a Sonance amp and a Yamaha amp. As a result, with high quality screenings and sound system this will ensure the best cinema set up that you could want for the community is produced.

A bonus of using a pop-up cinema, is that it can be set up wherever you feel fits. If you have a location in mind, then contact us here at Lairds to see what we could do for you. Whilst we focus on our pop-up cinema operating indoors, concentrating on the summer months, the warmer and better weather and lighter nights means that the cinema can operate outside. In outdoor events, there is no limit to ideas. For things such as Jaws, or Mamma Mia at the beach, letting the community be drawn into the films.


If this is something that interests you, and you want to voice your ideas, then please don’t hesitate to contact the team at Lairds for help, further information and booking requirements.

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