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What is Home Automation?

Home Automation (also referred to as SmartHomes) is a fast growing market and it’s become the new standard for modern homes globally.  Home Automation is the art of taking all the independent elements of home comfort, whether it is lighting, HVAC, appliances or entertainment systems, and using a computer network to link all these elements together. This the best way to have intuitive control over your home.

Therefore, Home Automation is like installing a Central Nervous System into a home. You can plug just about anything into this system, including telephone, Internet, sound, video, computer networking, intercom and security. Home Automation is the ultimate way to provides security, comfort and convenience to your home lifestyle.

Home Automation by Lairds


At Lairds of Troon, we are experts at installing the network and technology necessary to turn a home into a SmartHome. Starting at the design stages of a residential property, we can design and prepare a Network that not only allows for total control over the elements in a home, but also we can design in such a way, as to account for the lifestyle and routines of our clients.

Network Infrastructure

Once we have a design, we run cabling throughout the home. These all join together at a central control point. Next, we install all the desired features and technology in line with the interior design of the home. Lastly, our expertise in networking allows us to configure all the different systems so that they run perfectly. A huge aspect of this is handling the complex networking so that our clients are given the ability to control the rooms of their homes with just one push a button.

SmartHomes: Possibilities are Endless

SmartHomes have unlimited options. Even for control they have the option of mobile control panels, remote controls, in-wall control panels, apps that can be used on smartphones and tablets, or a combination of all of these. And with this control is the ability to organise and program multiple functions for a client’s home. Whether they want to go into Party Mode, Relax Mode or Movie Mode, everything from the TV to the blinds can be adjusted simply with ease of control.

Home Automation & Futureproofing

Unfortunately, the rate at which technology requires updates and upgrades might have you weary of such a large scale installation to your home. What is the point in buying all of this tech, if it has to be changed every time it updates? However, at Lairds of Troon, we Futureproof the home to ensure durability and avoid large scale costs in the future. We do this by installing extra cabling which not only allows for upgrading but also for expanding network capabilities and installing more technology in the event of an extension.

rti dealer

Distinct from many other home automation companies, we aren’t tied to just a single control system manufacturer. We are approved dealers for the UK’s top control systems such as Control4, RTI and more.

This means we can recommend the solution that most precisely fits your requirements.


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Automation Systems

We provide the following services for Home Automation:
Auto Entry Systems
CCTV and Alarm – Security systems
Networking wiring and configuration: hardline drops, wifi extensions, wifi hot spots,
Automated HVAC Systems
Automated Home Lighting system

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