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Looking Forward

It is true that over the next decade, Smart Home Technology & Home automation will be the standard in new builds all over the world. In conjunction with architects such as HOKO Design, Thompson Hunter Architects,  & Thomas Robinson Architects, Lairds AV aim to be a part of this future.

This is why Lairds AV offer Design & Consultancy to residential or commercial properties.  As expert AV installers, network installers, & security installers, we will be working with architects so that Smart Home Technology is interwoven with the exterior and interior design of the property.

Lifestyle & Technology

One of the most important aspects of our design and consultancy packages is our focus on minimal disruption. Disruption takes many forms. The property being temporarily uninhabitable, while the installation is carried out. The disruption to the interior design of the property, with the cutting into the walls, lifting floorboards, etc. Or faulty installations, wasting time repairing or replacing equipment.

Ultimately, whether this disruption be in the home, or place of business, Lairds’ Design and Consultancy aims to minimise disruption. Not only do Lairds survey for the dimensions and layout of the site, but we have consultations on things such as personal routine and priorities and we take these preferences into account when formulating the design.

Business & Technology

Technology in Venues

A benefit of our Design and Consultancy Service is that it allows us to discuss innovative technology with clients. Sometimes clients don’t know to ask because the technology is new to them. For instance, a vibrant restaurant needs speakers loud enough to create a buzzing evening atmosphere, but doesn’t want to drown out customer conversations.

Fortunately,  they might be glad to hear that Lairds works with, and installs select speakers that can be played as loud as desired and have been created specially to allow conversations at a normal, social volume.

Again, Design & consultancy is about more than simply taking the layout of a building and filling the space with technology. It’s about understanding the identity of the business. From the way it will look, to the kind of atmosphere it wants to create – Lairds AV comes up with a design package that best meets those needs.

Take a look at this in action here.

Modern Office Formats

Businesses globally will be adapting to modern office formats, such as Working-From-Home, Hybrid Working and trialing 4 day work weeks. With this will come the necessity for technology to support these formats. For example,  faster Download speeds and upload speeds, now that information will be traveling to the homes of employees.  Additionally, improved Cyber Security Networks to ensure the safety of employees and clients against online threats. Improved methods of communication for meetings.

Consequently, Lairds’ Design & Consultancy can demonstrate to businesses exactly what they will need and the best way to go about improving their technology. 

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