Brand of the Month – August 2022

We are now well on our way into August 2022, and it is finally time to announce our Featured Brand of the Month, Gallo Acoustics. With our sad news last week, we felt that it was right to delay this announcement. But to make up for lost time, today we are also featuring a product from Gallo Acoustics!

Featured Brand of the Month – Featured Products

Gallo Droplet Speakers

What better place to start than with Gallo Acoustics’ Droplet speakers?! Are the regular humdrum speakers too boxy for your liking? Do their right angles offend you somehow? Or do you just want to be a bit different? Whatever your reason, Gallo Acoustics has you covered!
Be it Micro, Micro SE, A’Diva or A’Diva SE; the Droplet Series offer a great range of speaker based on your sound wants and needs! The best part of all? These speakers can become a real fixture of your interior design, not just a box behind your couch or a disk in your ceiling. With 11 stock colours and 9 different cable finishes, the Droplet speakers give you the option best suited to your aesthetic! As Gallo Acoustics put it themselves, they bring you ‘Music From Above’ for your home and your business!
If you want to see the droplet speakers in person, why not check out Ka Pao in Glasgow, where we at Lairds have installed these sleek speakers to give the best aesthetically pleasing sound possible. Or even read our case study which covers everything on this job!
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Gallo ProfileSub

Gallo Acoustics coming out with another banger of audio equipment for today’s Featured Product! Feast your eyes and ears on the low-profile ProfileSub!
Do you want your interior design to have that sleek look without leaving you short changed in the audio department? The ProfileSub is perfect for just that! Words don’t do it justice, imagine having an orchestra under your couch, or an all-out battle in a fantasy land coming from all four walls!
The ProfileSub gives you that powerful yet controlled bass extension in a discreet, design-conscious package. So discreet in fact that you can place it under your couch to really target your audio experience! Bringing audio mastery with your comfort in mind. If you didn’t know any better, looking at the ProfileSub you’d think it was just another part of your couch!
Not a fan of the under the couch option? Well, the ProfileSub’s versatility means it can be installed on the wall either vertically or horizontally! This subwoofer is perfect for adapting to your unique space and preferences..
You need to see it to experience it, well if you can find it that is!
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Strada 2

“Our ambition should be to rule ourselves, the true kingdom for each one of us; and true progress is to know more, and be more, and to do more.” ― Oscar Wilde
If there was just one word to describe our Featured Brand for August 2022, it would be ambitious! Gallo Acoustics are true progressives, bringing you the Strada 2 series. Building off of the original Strada design, which despite its small size and relatively small cost, provided the audio quality of a much larger speaker.
The Strada 2 helps give you that realistic live performance quality in your home, while fitting around your interior design! Placed subtly on a shelf, fixed to a wall, floor stand; the Strada 2 is as versatile as its consumer!
Looking for some extra immersion? The Strada 2 Centre is an alternate version, utilising a horizontal layout and not compromising in performance even while using a multi-channel system!
As with all Gallo Acoustics products, they continue to push the envelope in both sound quality and aesthetic. There’s nothing quite like a speaker from Gallo Acoustics!
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TR-3D Subwoofer

We are now on the penultimate day of August, if you can believe it! So that means there is just enough time for us to show off one last product from our featured brand, Gallo Acoustics! Now all the products we have shown so far from Gallo have been minimal in design and maximum in sound, so today we’d like to highlight a subwoofer that you know packs a punch!
Meet the TR-3D Subwoofer, in typical Gallo Acoustics fashion, this dynamic subwoofer has a sleek design that can blend in seamlessly or make a statement! And if the design isn’t enough to blow your socks off the sound definitely will!
But even the greatest of stallions can be tamed, Gallo Acoustics have put the reins in your hands! Boasting an array of capabilities and precise control over the smooth and powerful bass, the TR-3D is designed for both music and movies. In short, this subwoofer is a versatile powerhouse! But don’t just take our word for it, have a look at what the master craftsmen at Gallo Acoustics have to say.
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