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At Lairds AV we lead Scotland in providing the Highest Quality Home Cinema Installations. We work with industry leading brands, such as Steinway Lyngdorf and M&K Sound, and we work comprehensively on every phase of our projects, from design to execution to maintenance. 

We can be confident in the quality of our home cinemas because we understand the philosophy behind what makes going to the cinema so special. To us, the cinema is unique in its ability to truly transport us to other worlds. Great story telling engages and absorbs us. It activates our imagination and brings to life our wildest dreams. Great story telling is visceral and electric and it is a significant part of the cinema experience.

“The key to cinema is the suspension of disbelief. Achieving full immersion of Sight and Sound, we create the environment that you forget you are in, we make the walls disappear!” – Mark Laird

The technical side of Home Cinema

However, story telling alone does not account for the magic of the cinematic experience. It’s the carefully thought out and developed technology and mechanics that has, for decades, kept us glued to our seats. And it’s not just sight and sound, it’s atmosphere and comfort too. We work tirelessly to implement that into the privacy of our client’s homes.

At Lairds we have an expert understanding of these two elements and we had trained to be able to implement it into the homes of our clients. From providing the best in Home Cinema technology, to designing a room that fits in with the decor of a home and with the lifestyle of the client. 

Home Cinemas

Lairds are Ayrshire’s leading designers and installers of the very best home cinema systems and media rooms.

If you want to enjoy Film, TV, Music and Sport at its best, you’ll find our professional cinemas, media rooms and music systems are without equal.

Home Cinema Anyway You Want It

At Lairds, we are experts at creating the cinematic experience. No matter the size or shape of your room, we create the desired Cinematic Experience using the range of excellent technology available. Whether you’re converting an unused room for a dedicated Home Cinema, or looking to convert your living room in the evenings, Lairds will select and offer you the best package possible to achieve your vision. 

Lairds selects tech that can blend discreetly into your room’s interior, or helps to create the Home Cinema Aesthetic. Lairds also offers comprehensive guidance on what type of set-up is right for each client, based on room use, room shape and size, and budget concerns. 

Typically there are three categories:

Dedicated Home Cinema

This is going the full hog, the full nine yards, and having a room especially built to create a cinematic experience in your home. This option is perfect if your looking to convert a spare room, garage or attic into a full time cinema. This includes specialised wall-panelling, Cinema style interior decor, complete with dark walls, cinema style seating, and lighting and shading to keep the room nice and dark. It will also include, of course, the very best in screens, projectors and surround sound audio create that truly immersive atmosphere that only the cinema has. 

Multi-purpose Media Room

If you want the full cinema experience in the evening when you are relaxing with a movie marathon, but also would like to be able to turn the room back into a living space, with natural light, and a more communal seating plan, then this option allows you to create the Cinematic Experience whenever you want it! Retractable screens and discreet speaker installations will allow you to tuck away your Home Cinema whenever you like, and specialist LED lighting and shading can be installed so that you can let the light in and then make the room completely dark to get the most out of your movie watching experience. 

Enhancing your TV Room 

If you’re looking to create the Home Cinema Experience, but you’re working with limited room, then Lairds can offer the very best in TV’s, and short throw projectors and compact surround sound speakers, that will create the desired effect without overcrowding the space. 


We work to best understand our clients’ vision and limitations and our expertise allows us to execute it down to the very last detail. 

Purpose built demonstration Facility

To demonstrate the superior performance of our systems and home theatre, we have constructed Scotland’s only purpose-built listening room. Located in the peaceful Ayrshire countryside – just 35 minutes from Glasgow – our showroom combines the quiet required for critical listening with the privacy and understated elegance our clients expect.

If you are looking for a home cinema designer then contact us today to discuss your project. Our home cinema installations are the finest available, pay us a visit and take advantage of our full cinema demonstration facilities and experience our purpose built audio listening facilities.

Lairds use the award winning MK Sound and Steinway Lyngdorf Audio Systems in our Home Cinema Installations and audio rooms.



Give Lairds a call today and we can discuss your requirements.

We make sure you have the system that is right for you, your aspirations, and the way you live your life.

Read more about Steinway Lyngdorf here and M&K Sound here.

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