The Invisible Speakers Series from Sonance make it possible to have high quality sound, with no compromise to style and interior design. Seeing, or rather not seeing, is believing. For total concealment, mount these beauties into the wall, then plaster and paint over them! Additionally, cover them with wallpaper, wood veneer, or even venetian plaster.

This series is the ultimate combination of quality, versatility, and concealment!

How is that possible?

The Invisible Speakers contain tweeters and woofers and subwoofers, just like ordinary speakers The output from these speakers produce a range of frequencies, treble, natural midrange and bass. Their output is via the flexible material of the wall they are installed in. This is because, the speakers create frequency vibrations, which disperse evenly through the wall or ceiling, and the sound seemingly emanates from nowhere.


Additionally, the speakers are able to perform when under 3 whole millimetres of covering, and they boast a shallow design of two inches. You can virtually install these anywhere!


Durable and Reliable

The Invisible Speakers Series are  durable and long-lasting. This is due to a high quality extruded aluminum chassis and injection molded polypropylene diagram. Therefore you can be safe in the knowledge that once the speakers are in the wall or ceiling, they will last.

Furthermore, at Lairds of Troon, we installed Invisible Speakers into a home sauna. In a large scale project, where Lairds provided audio zones in every room in the house, one of the challenges we faced was to install speakers in the sauna/steam room. The obvious obstacles are that you need a speaker that can withstand steam and intense heat. Unfortunately, we found that even the most resilient speakers, will eventually corrode or diminish in quality. With the exception, of course, of the Invisible Speakers. The speakers totally avoided all of these problems as they were placed in a synthesised material and then tiled over. Thus, we were able to deliver high quality sound to our clients.


To summarise, the Invisible Speakers series from Sonance ticks all the boxes for high quality audio without intruding on design. The result is a long-lasting audio set up that makes music cascade from the room.

The Invisible Speakers Series from Sonance are in the stores of Louis Vuitton, Prada, Gucci, Miu Miu, Fendi and Dior! The team at Lairds are able to expertly install them in your commercial or residential property too!

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