Lairds Announcement 2021


Lairds of Troon has some very exciting news to share as we take a large step forward despite what has been, for us and many more, an arduous year. However, on this day Lairds of Troon would like to focus solely on what can only be described as highlights for the company.


Firstly, the team has more than doubled since January and each new member of Lairds has brought a fresh perspective to the company, a unique skillet and has created opportunities for Lairds that just were not possible before. Lairds has always taken pride in its close-knit team and its family values, and we are proud to say that these aspects of the company remain intact while our team has grown. Great investment has been made in the team and ensuring that we continue to improve and offer valuable services moving forward out Technical Team will be undertaking a Cyber Security degree over the next few years this will not only add to their current skill set but allow them to continually provide a first-class service to our valued customers.


Secondly, Lairds have secured the contract for our most ambitious project to date. Lairds will be installing everything from music systems to CCTV, to Digital signage and more in the soon to arrive Beresford Lounge. This will be a luxury venue that will include a bar/restaurant, cafe, and nightclub over three storeys in one of the most iconic locations in Glasgow. Blending modern luxury with an art deco style, this project will breathe life back into the world renowned Sauchiehall Street – the life and soul of Glasgow’s city centre that has seen some hard times in the past few years. Lairds are extremely proud to be a part of this exciting project and consider it a historic moment for our company.


Lairds is also proud to announce or partnership with Soluis as we join them in providing AV support and technological solutions for their immersive reality portal. This partnership demonstrates the versatility of the Lairds portfolio and the expansive expertise that we provide.


Furthermore, Lairds has begun cooperative partnerships with Architectural Firms, Hoko, Thomas Robinson Architects, & Thompson Hunter Architects. This is through a shared vision that the houses of the future are the houses of today and that Smart-Home Technology will become commonplace in modern building and thus incorporated into the design at the earliest stages. This mutual recognition marks a step-forward for our business and our industry.


Lairds are also finalists for two prizes at this year’s Scottish Veterans Awards. Recognition like this is always appreciated here at Lairds, however, what truly resonates with us is being a part of a community such as the UK wide Veterans Awards, which support the businesses and business ventures of those who have served in the UK military. It is no secret that veterans can be among the most vulnerable members of society and so it is with great pride that we are part of a community that seeks to support and uplift the veterans in this country. The awards will be held on the 6th of October in Edinburgh and in support of ABF The Soldiers’ Charity.


Finally, Lairds’ most exciting update is the expansion of our company from Regional to National as we open up our second office in Glasgow. One of the most vibrant cities in Europe, we look forward to setting up shop alongside some of the most exciting businesses in the UK. We see this expansion as a solidifier of our status as a national company and as one of the leaders of our field in this location. We can’t wait to explore the new opportunities that this will lead to and the relationships we will build with the people of Scotland’s liveliest city.


Overall, Lairds has enjoyed many Ups this year, and seen as many lows, but with the continued support and effort of the entire team, Lairds now gets to look forward, as it becomes safer for businesses to operate again.

Lairds would like to thank those who have supported us over the years. From valued customers to our wonderful partners and suppliers, all of whom have made lasting relationships with us.


Here’s to them, to us and to the future!


Mark Laird | Director & Founder                                                                                    Johanna Laird | Business Director 

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