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Welcome to Lairds, your trusted partner for Lutron lighting control and blinds. We are proud to introduce our services as authorized dealers and installation experts for Lutron’s HomeWorks® QS, the world’s most powerful and flexible lighting control system. Experience the magic of a home that responds to your needs, creating an atmosphere of comfort and convenience.

Discover the Power of Intelligent Lighting with HomeWorks® QS

Imagine this: You’re driving home late at night, the weather is dark and wet. As you turn into your driveway, a welcoming series of lights illuminate your path, guiding you safely to your garage and entrance. The moment you step inside, your home comes alive. Gentle pools of light fill your hallway, leading you to your kitchen where spotlights artistically highlight your work surfaces, glasses, cupboards, and fridge. All this happens at the mere touch of a button, thanks to HomeWorks® QS.

HomeWorks® QS is not just about controlling lights, it’s about transforming your living experience. With just one button, you can control every light, curtain, and blind connected to the system. Imagine retiring to your master bedroom and putting your entire house to sleep with a single touch. Lights go off, curtains are drawn, creating the most relaxing of evening rituals.

Embrace Total Home Control

HomeWorks® QS is more than a lighting control system. It’s a comprehensive solution that integrates with your security and entertainment systems, offering you unlimited control and substantial benefits. Whether you’re away or at home, HomeWorks® QS anticipates your needs, making you feel truly at home.


Use the “Energy” button on the Dynamic Keypad to dim lights, lower blinds, and adjust temperature. Or adjust lights and blinds to set the mood for a quiet dinner.


Dim lights to save energy and create an atmosphere for entertaining. With HomeWorks® QS you can dim all types of lighting, including energy-saving LEDs.


Save energy by lowering the light and temperature before you leave for the day. When you come home, brighten exterior lights with a single button touch.


With a SeeTouch™ keypad, you can easily create a sociable and atmospheric place to dine and entertain.


With seamless integration with devices such as an iPhone®/ iPad®, you can adjust lights and blinds – and save energy – even when you’re not home. Experience the convenience of controlling your audio-visual equipment from the palm of your hand.


Experience the luxury of turning off all your house lights with one button press from the comfort of your bed. Create the ideal ambiance for reading or watching TV, all tailored to your personal preferences.


Our occupancy/vacancy sensor automatically turns lights off when you leave the room, saving energy. With additional controls, such as dimmers and blinds, you can create soft or task lighting, perfect for every moment.


Transform your outdoor spaces for barbecues and outdoor dining – and save energy with one touch of a button. Experience the magic of outdoor living with Lairds.


HomeWorks takes the scene concept to a whole home level of integration. Each zone (lighting and motors) are wired to a power module remotely located in the home. Keypads are linked back to a central processor which manages the communication throughout the system. In addition, you can easily integrate with other subsystems in a home such as security, or activate lights automatically via a timeclock.

Light Control

Create just the right light for any activity or mood in specific areas of your home—all at the touch of a button.

Appliance Control

Conveniently turn off standby power to small appliances, such as audio/visual equipment and computers, saving energy and extending the life of your devices.

Audio & Visual Control

Control your audio/visual equipment from one convenient location, creating a seamless entertainment experience.

Time Clock

Set lights to turn on or off at specific times throughout the day and night, creating a rhythm that matches your lifestyle.

Shade Control

Use the sun to your advantage with automated shades. Convert harsh glare into soft, pleasing light, while preserving your view.

Temperature Control

Adjust your heating or cooling systems any time of day, even while you’re away from home, ensuring optimal comfort when you return.

Energy Control

Save energy throughout your home without sacrificing comfort or convenience. Experience the future of home automation with Lairds.

Security Integration

Enable lights to turn on when security sensors are triggered, enhancing your home’s security and giving you peace of mind.

Lutron Wallstations & Keypads

Lighting control refines and finishes every beautiful space. Lutron keypads complete the experience, offering an aesthetic, inviting, and intuitive control to ensure the perfect light for everything you do. Lutron offers a wide variety of colours, styles, finishes, and functions to help you create an environment that reflects your unique sense of design. Browse through our keypads brochure to select controls that best complement and coordinate with everything in your home. All keypads are available with standard or custom engraving.

Control Lighting on Your Mobile Device

HomeWorks QS systems provide control of lights, shades, ceiling fans, and temperature from wall or tabletop keypads, your mobile device, or from your Apple Watch. With system control from your mobile device (via the Lutron Connect app) you can adjust lights, shades, and temperature from anywhere in the world. You can also easily edit scenes, as well as create timeclock events, directly in the app.

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Experience the convenience and control of Lutron’s HomeWorks® QS. Contact us today for more information or to request a quote. Transform your home into a haven of comfort and convenience with Lairds.

Control Your Home from Anywhere

With HomeWorks QS systems, you have the power to control lights, shades, ceiling fans, and temperature from wall or tabletop keypads, your mobile device, or even your Apple Watch. Adjust lights, shades, and temperature from anywhere in the world, edit scenes, and create timeclock events directly in the Lutron Connect app.

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Experience the convenience and control of Lutron’s HomeWorks® QS. Contact us today for more information or to request a quote. Transform your home into a haven of comfort and convenience with Lairds.


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