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Maintenance Contracts – We Care!

We don’t just install, we care.

Have you ever wondered what happens if something stops working after your installation? Here at Lairds, we don’t leave any of our customers in any doubt, we are always on hand to help. As we finish a job, we ensure that our customer is always offered a maintenance contract.

What We Offer

Our maintenance contracts can be offered to anyone; even if you have existing equipment, the team at Lairds would come out and assess suitability on whether we could help with a maintenance contract or not. Whilst most appliances come with a standard warranty of 12 months, under the consumer rights act, a retailer only has to offer the first 30 days before the customer must deal with the manufacturer directly.

With our maintenance contracts, we override this, as we can take over the responsibility of dealing with the manufacturer on your behalf. We will also ensure that if the product you are buying has any extra warranty, we contact the manufacturer to ensure it has been activated. If a problem should occur, we aim to have a beneficial response time of up to 5 working days for non-essential items, whereas it would be up to 72 hours for emergencies. On this response, we ensure and guarantee that any work carried out is done by trained staff and our client is at ease.

Part of the Family

When taking out our maintenance contract, we want to make sure that we’re not just another company you can contact when there is a problem. As a result of this, we ensure that you’re made to feel part of the family and well looked after. With exclusive invites to any of our events including exclusive screenings in our purpose built auditorium, pop-up cinema and events with ourselves or our partners. For our clients we can offer pre-order on high demand products, to ensure you don’t miss out! There is also the chance of discounts, between 2% and 10%, on products which you may be interested in after the initial install is done. Lairds then offer reduced call out fees and 20% off our labor rate. We also offer our clients discounts on future design projects.

If you have an existing or upcoming installation, then please don’t hesitate to get in contact with the team at Lairds for further information and cost prices.

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