Ochiltree Community Hub

Its always an honor to have someone refer you to one of their clients. In this case with Ochiltree’s Community  Hub, that’s exactly what happened. A colleague with whom we have grown to become good friends over the years was involved at the earliest stages of this project and introduced Lairds to the charity. A massive thanks to Chris at Rakkaus.

Ochiltree community hub was born from the Charity formed in 2014 to improve and build on a strong community bond with a clear aim. Ultimately, a place to build on their initiatives, health, fitness, education and more.

Lairds Demonstration Facility

To begin, we initially invited the committee to our Dundonald demonstration facility to wow them with our wonderful technology. Myself and Jo working as a team, I get excited, show them all the gadgets and how they work, Jo calms me down and translates my gibberish into legible English!

The aim was to provide multiple multimedia enabled spaces that are flexible enough to change the purpose of any room with minimal notice and to have a state of the art cinema for the community to enjoy the latest movies and audio with the best clarity possible within the budget.

After an enjoyable, lengthy discussion, the design schematics were provided to the main contractor Ashleigh Building on approval of the Hub committee. Ashleigh Building are a main contractor, established in 2001 based in Prestwick and Dumfries.

The Contract.

Next, Ochiltree Community Hub contracted us to work with Ashleigh Building to design and install the infrastructure for a multi zone media enabled building including cinema space.  On completion of this stage we were to install the final products, configure for operation and provide continuing support for the facility and its patrons.

Projector Challenges

No project comes without its challenges. The main hall was a high ceiling gymnasium type hall. As a result of the size of these halls, they are notorious for sound reflection and echo. Plus, as this was to be a multipurpose hall, we had to ensure the security of the equipment. The hall would be divided into two working spaces so effectively, it would be three rooms in all, with the partition wall being one third of the way down the hall.

The challenge that then arose here, was the throw distance for the projector. There is a projection distance limit where the requirements for a projector will result in a significant increase in cost. This was the distance from the screen and the amount of light needed to give a satisfactory image brightness in the room. With some further discussion it was decided to switch the main cinema area round and have the room partitioned with the cinema space in the smaller room. Should capacity be increased the partition doors would be opened.

Sound System Challenges

We initially recommended an in wall surround sound system with protective covers for the space, however the environmental requirements for insulation and protection dictated that we had to use a surface mounted alternative. We selected the Sonance mariner series speakers for this purpose. They are superbly designed and extremely robust. Lastly, The space was furnished by 7.1 surround sound setup with the rear channels switched to allow for the flexibility of the second room.

We furnished the second larger room with a pair of Sonance Mariner speakers each side, giving a deeper response. We set them up on a switch so the rear channels for the surround sound for the bigger room. The sound reflection in the room was then overcome by using paneling round the hall.

We overcome our challenges and stayed within budget.

The extras.

Over the course of the project, there were a few extras thrown in such as additional control for audio zones, PA speaker input zones and more. All of which were available due to the well designed infrastructure.

Lastly, the ceiling in the café area has a low ceiling portion at the entrance and a high vaulted ceiling over the eating area. Meanwhile, we looked to have in ceiling 4” speakers and Gallo Acoustic pendant speakers in Chrome to give a level audio field.

Lairds Recommendations during the design process.

Lairds technology recommendations included:

The Build

The Build began July 2018, Lairds were onsite when the site was watertight a few months later.

As always, our challenge was staying in front of the other tradesmen to make sure their jobs progressed on schedule. As a result, during the build flexibility was key. It was a delight to be able to choreograph this with the project managers from Ashleigh. Moreover, they knew they could contact us at short notice. Furthermore, we had the flexibility of being able to work in different areas of the building without detriment to other parts of the project. Having the flexibility meant that any technical difficulties or existing cable routes could be adjusted whenever required. For instance, we used High platforms and Cherry pickers. As a result, full H&S procedures and policies were adhered to over the course of the project.


Our infrastructure installation consisted of full Cat6 Gigabit Network. Six networked zones including;

Lastly, this was then supported by a remote access monitoring system. The video system covered the two meeting rooms, Café digital signage display and the projector in the cinema room. Audio zones included the café area, 2 zones in the main hall and the patio area at the rear of the building.

The Systems and Equipment

Furniture by the amazing Rakkaus of Kilmarnock

Wyrestorm 4×4 HDBaseT 4k Video distribution Matrix

Sony Projector

Sonance Speakers Mariner & 4” in-ceiling

Gallo Acoustics Custom Built Pendant Speakers

110” Electric drop down projection screen


IPCCTV Cameras By Dahua

Ruckus Unleashed Wifi

Sony 4K Video displays.

QSC PA System with ipad controlled mixing desk.

The Lairds Auditorium

Ayrshires only purpose built 11/1/4 Dolby Atmos multi purpose demo room featuring MKSound‘s award winning speaker system.

Its every installers ambition to show their clients what to expect from them and we are no different. At lairds we endeavour to set the bar high and there is no where better to do that than our own offices.

Lairds Auditorium

We want a client to sit in comfort, pick up the custom programmed tablet, or remote and control their environment in comfort. Experience the exquisite taste of the industry. We want them to know that not only are they getting the best ‘bang for their buck’ but they are getting the best service money can get.

The Process

Initially we stood in the clients shoes and ran the guided tour. Firstly we have the office where we have demonstration screens showing the video distribution, graphics and digital signage. Demonstrations of various Network and Security systems. All the techy stuff. Here we can show the guts of the systems.

Then, the meeting room. A relaxed space where our clients can discuss their plans, view the drawings and schematics whilst enjoying  some relaxing tunes from one of the best audio systems in the world.

lyngdorf tdai 3400

Here we feature the Lyngdorf

 TDAI 3400 amplifier, MH2 and the BW-2 Speakers. A complete Stereo System with the absolute accuracy expected from such a respected brand. Then finally the Lairds Auditorium.


We started with an old run down lecture hall that had been derelict for over 6 years. An extensive tidy up and hoover let us know just what we had in store for ourselves.

A few discussions and a design or two later we had a plan set in stone and on we moved. Our master craftsman Mr McInnes was tasked and set to work on the joinery, whilst myself and Declan ran the required cabling for the system.

Just a taste of things to come.

All of this required a brand new, robust infrastructure consisting of Certified HD Cat6 and Multimode Fibre connections. All cabling has been installed as per regulation standards.

Finally the Auditorium.

When we started our Smart Technology Business, we quickly discovered that the ISE trade show was the place to be. Once a year the RAI in Amsterdam is jam packed with the latest and best technology the world has to offer. However, the best cinema rooms in the industry tends to be low key, and hidden in quiet corners of the exhibition. The reason? They know!  They know that their products speak for themselves. So the MK and Steinway Lyngdorf discovery was made and the rest is history so to speak.

Our speaker layout is 11/1/4 Dolby atmos,

Consisting of:

8 x MK MP150 Mk2

3 x MK IW300

2 x X12 Subwoofer 

4 x IC95

The best speakers in their class by a country mile.  If you want to put us to the test, come on down and hear for yourselves.

Room specification

We have a comms room, with a passionately built 42 Unit AV rack containing all the rooms equipment.  4k JVC Projector, 13 foot electric, acoustically transparent screen, Pro Yamaha Amplifier, 4k & UHD Blu Ray, PS4 Pro, Media Server, BYOD Presentation device and a Pulse Eight 4 x 4 4k Video Matrix connecting all sources to the main office system. All this is connected to a 24 port managed switch. We then in turn connected back from the theater to the main office network via multi mode fibre backbone.

Additionally, for the commercial proposals, we have a separate demonstration facility within the auditorium for Gallo Acoustic speakers and associated equipment.

We also have RGB Lighting and the entire system is setup for control through RTI’s astounding control system, fully customised for our purposes. The Network also has a high capacity internet connection with Araknis Gigabit network hardware, Firewall, IDS and Ruckus WIFI, also dedicated remote monitoring through VPN services.

Multi Function Space

Not being one for letting the lairds auditorium sit idle at any time, we also have a full PA System, including a 24 track mixing desk, microphones, DMX Lighting control, Event capable laser systems, and a selection of instruments. All of which can be blended in seamlessly with the rooms audio capabilities.


Hendricks Gin Palace, the epitome of luxury at Grants Distillery

As Featured in the Prestigious Hotel Designs website. The industries leading hotel design website.

The Challenge

Working with W Grants and the Hendricks brand team, the challenge was to provide an ambiance within the gin palace that complements and enhances their playground for invention. Meanwhile, using a near invisible audio and entertainment system to fill the dedicated spaces without compromising on the design element. In addition, the system had to be robust to handle different functions throughout the building. Moreover, Hendricks needed the system to be spread over the building… Including the specialty ‘brand’ rooms. Above all, Hendricks wanted to maintain the quirky design throughout the Gin Palace with ambient sound and sleek design.

Project requirements:

The Solution, Attention to detail.

Lairds designed a building wide solution. A wired infrastructure that provides 4k video distribution, audio in the Brand rooms and secure Wifi. The Gin palace provides the users the ability to have presentations in the Theater.  Ramp it up with the audio in the bar and background music in the Lab. Consequently, the simple control of the system is through the fully secure wireless network.

gin palace garden

Discrete Technology

Today’s professional audio integration is more than merely filling a room with music. Moreover, there is a tangible design element that’s a critical part of the space’s environment. For instance,  the audio is meant to create a mood, elevate the senses and not distract from the designer’s vision and aesthetic goals. For over 10 years, the technicians at lairds have continually explored and refined the fine art of musical fidelity within a designed space. Therefore, we managed to excel in this space with a combination of Sonance and their series of award-winning in-wall and in-ceiling speakers and Custom built, colour coded speakers from Gallo Acoustics.

Trusted partners.

Lairds of Troon has worked with Sonance over a number of years. From home projects to high-end commercial builds. Therefore, our client’s investment is in a quality product that will last for many years. Consequently, Sonance Amps are the backbone of the Hendricks Gin palace audio system.

We were also privileged to work with Glasgow’s own Solus Lighting Solutions

Solus is a small team based in Glasgow with an enviable reputation for designing and installing world class cutting edge lighting solutions. Therefore, the perfect partner to bring the Gin Palace to life. In addition, Lairds worked with Gallo Acoustics , the uncompromising quality of their products and knowing that they can be trusted within this environment combined with the colour customising options made this the best speaker to use in the glasshouse of the Gin Palace. And they look and sound amazing!

Cutting edge video technology

The Gin palace also has an amazing 4k Video distribution system  from Wyrestorm. Meanwhile, in the bar area there is a custom built mirrored glass frame hiding the video display. The Quirky theater next door has a classic projection system and 4k.  In addition, we also have a custom built retro mobile video platform!


See more with the Amazing Michael Lairds Architects Gin Palace

Download The Case Study


The Firth Pavilion

Read about our work with the The Firth Pavilion. The Victorian-style Seamill Hydro Hotel is the epitome of modern luxury. Nestled into the Ayshire countryside and overlooking the Isle of Arran in Scotland, Seamill Hydro Hotel offers the perfect backdrop for weddings and other special events.

This wonderfull project was featured in Essential Install Magazine was a finalist in the AV Awards and Showcased on RTI’s Global website.

AV Upgrade for The Firth Pavilion

The family-owned hotel has undergone major renovations in the past decade to make the property even more spectacular. For instance, most recently, the hotel completed a $13 million construction project, building a wedding and conferencing venue on the property named the Firth Pavilion. Above all, the building was designed to encompass the most up-to-date technology whilst not compromising on the clean cut and classical theme of the facility. Thus,  creating one of the best wedding and event venues in the world.

The Firth Pavilion includes the richly appointed Glenashdale Bridal Suite. Further, fully stocked bars, two conference rooms, breakout rooms, a ceremony room, sales office, administrative office, kitchen, buffet area, and stage. Above all, everything in the space is designed to play off the stunning panoramic view of Ayrshire’s coastline and Arran’s mountain range. Along with attention to decorative details, technology plays a key role in the venue.  This includes high-end lighting, shading, video, audio, and security equipment. Consequently,  these systems called for a fully integrated control and automation system. Thus, The staff enhance the space through lighting, environment, and entertainment capabilities. With the goal of creating an incomparable space, the hotel owners envisioned a system capable of elegant automation that would make weddings and other events truly memorable.

Elegant Automation

Lairds of Troon, are well established with this hotel. After overseeing the integration of its Glen Rosa suite, we were subsequently tasked with designing a system that would provide intuitive control of the lighting and entertainment systems. Because of the successful installation of RTI control and automation systems within the Glen Rosa Suite, the integrator decided RTI was once again the right choice for the the Firth Pavilion. In addition to its ease of integration, RTI would allow Lairds of Troon to efficiently design a highly customised experience that the owners and staff could operate without a hitch during weddings and other events — events for which no detail can
afford to go mismanaged.

Based on the RTI XP-8s control processor, Lairds of Troon subsequently created a customised automation and control experience. With the control processor as the backbone of the RTI system, the owners and general manager have overall control of lighting. Moreover they control the Nuvo audio distribution system, WyreStorm video distribution system. In addition, the QMotion shades, an automatic door, and CCTV.

Lairds installed RTI KX2 and KX3 in-wall touch-panels and two-button RK1+ in-wall keypads in strategic locations. In other words, this provides convenient customised control. Some panels are programmed to offer limited control to the staff and public, while others are completely password protected to keep settings from being adjusted.

A Bit of Showmanship

The biggest priority for the system was creating an automated control sequence to create unforgettable bridal entrances. Therefore, using RTI’s Integration Designer® programming software, the integrator created a scene within the system.  For instance, where a touch of a button on a touch-panel automatically opens the ceremony door. Secondly, entrance music plays, and lights turn on in sequence. Lastly, The system is programmed to automatically open the shades and turn down the lights. This gives guests spectacular views of the sunrise and sunset. Despite driving complex, specifically timed events, the system is extremely easy for hotel staff to use.

“When the owners of Seamill Hydro Hotel shared their vision for this space, we knew every element had to be perfect,” said Mark Laird, founder of Lairds of Troon. “After experiencing the capabilities of RTI systems within the Glen Rosa suite, they really put their imaginations to work for the Firth Pavilion. Using RTI solutions, we could deliver the control and automation experience the owner envisioned. Therefore, the system allows technology to be integrated and controlled in a truly elegant  way. Consequently, this is a natural fit for the ambiance of such a grand venue and a magnificent landscape.”

“Using RTI, we could deliver the control and automation experience the owner envisioned. For example, we delivered an unforgettable experience for the wedding space as the bride enters the venue. Meanwhile, the door automatically opens, entrance music plays, and scene lighting turns on, all at the touch of a button.”


We chose products and partners based on the following criteria: First, we knew it would be reliable and high quality. Secondly, we knew the suppliers would share our vision and work ethics. Lastly, these products would fit the bill and let the client’s dreams come true.

1 XP-8s control processor

1 KX7 in-wall touchpanel for first floor foyer

3 KX3 in-wall touch panels for kitchen, green room, breakout room

2 KX2 in-wall touch panels for ceremony rooms, reception hall, and first floor foyer

3 RK1+ two-button controllers for bar and lounge bar

M&K Sound Surroundsound system in the Glenashdale Suite

Sonance speakers were used throughout the Firth Pavillion

Epson Laser Short throw projection

QMotion blinds

Automated Sliding door

Digital signage from Spinetix

Lastly, Commercial HD Screens From Sony]

SyncBoxes Made famous by Debora Meaden as the investor from Dragons Den. Check out her investment in them here

Check out their Case Study Here

Magic Mirror Optics From VirtualOn

marriage ceremony

Read about other work we’ve done at this stunning hotel and venue here and subsequently, the events we’ve helped out on here.

A late night transformation to an exemplary finish.

Spanish Butcher Restaurant AV Installation in Glasgow City Center.

Commercial AV installations  like this are a welcome challenge. on this occasion we were called in not even a week before the soft opening to this stunning establishment run by Rusk & Rusk. We found ourselves climbing scaffolding whilst the resin floor was being pored.

Our mission?

As we were tasked to make sure the Spanish Butcher AV installation was subtle we ensured our substantial audio system  ensured the vibe of the restaurant, no matter the clientele. From midnight starts, to the final push Lairds ensured that the Rusk ethos was fully intact.

The challenges on this project included the location of the property and parking restrictions. Short time frame for completion, and coordinating our works and processes with the tradesmen onsite and their schedules. We very quickly determined that the late night installation would be the best course of action. No issues with parking and tradesmen.

The Technology

Sonance mariners (black), hung from color coordinated containment,

10 inch hidden base speakers,

Strategic IPCCTV by  Lilin,

Ruckus WiFi coverage.

Audio Integration for the Saturday night DJ.

Full coordination with the network and ISP.

6 zone Nuvo Audio management system.

Every detail considered and enhanced.

Its not just the food that makes The Spanish Butcher one of the true premier restaurants in the city of Glasgow.

Download the case study

Case Study Spanish Butcher

We were asked if we can upgrade the restaurant AV At Hutcheson’s. One of Glasgow’s premier dining and nightclub venues.

The sublime, The class, The task?

In the Glasgow Icon we were asked to upgrade the audio system in the restaurant AV at Hutcheson’s and the 158 club to bring the somewhat dated audio system bang up to date and give it a bit of oomph!!

Our task from Rusk  & Rusk was to make sure the audio had personality.

They had an atmosphere and image to maintain!

Having completed the investigation into the existing sound system we decided out with the old and in with the new. A nice upgrade for the system.

AV Upgrade

The heart of the system is installed in the bell tower. An interesting feeling working up there I can tell you. So finding the routes, safely for the cables, protecting ourselves from Glasgow’s vultures, or in this case pigeons. (i hope).

All cabling in the building was tested and any issues fixed.  Thankfully not too many issues.

Our aim for the client was to give him a good overview and schematic of the existing system and a reference point for maintenance and future upgrades. Something he had never been provided with.

AV – Audio

Working on the distributed audio system we upgraded a number of amplifiers and installed the required equipment to give the zones that base.

New permanent DJ points were installed in both venues providing a more comfortable and reliable transition for the staff and guest DJ’s.

Equipment included the Sonance mariner subwoofers that were carefully positioned in the three zones powered by a Sonance multi zone amp Audio Management. A wee CCTV upgrade here and there for good measure, a good tidy up in the bell tower, and all done with absolutely no disruption to the daily running of this busy Glasgow Icon.

We provide the client with a regular support service and the comfort of knowing his AV and Networked systems are well taken care of. One less thing to worry about when your running one of Glasgow’s premier nightspots.

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