Scottish Veterans Awards 2022

The company directors, Mark and Johanna, were invited to the Scottish Veterans Awards as both guests and nominees. Upon hearing that the event runners were in need of a PA kit, Mark jumped at the chance to have Lairds AV involved in this event. An event that recognises all that other veteran businesses do for the community around them. And if that wasn’t already a testament to Mark’s dedication to the veteran community, he signed the Lairds tech team on to work the event.



With the significance of the Scottish Veteran Awards, the event had a suit and tie dress code. Our team revelled in this as an opportunity to show off their finest garbs and garments! This same care is given across all events that Lairds work, understanding the etiquette of the event and its attendees.

The Awards were being held at the Village Hotel in Edinburgh, and as a predominantly Ayrshire based company, this required travel and coordination with the client. As a result, our staff even went so far as to stay in the hotel to ensure they could attend the full event. This meant that should there have been any issues with the equipment, our team were going to be on hand all evening.

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Understanding Requirements

Our team of technicians discussed which technology to use at the event, based on the requirements from the client.  When understanding the requirements of the event, our technicians decided the best technology to use was the Soundcraft Ui24R.  This was as a result of the device being hosted from a tablet. This allowed for the team to make adjustments to the audio output from anywhere within the room. As part of this setup, the team selected active speakers as they found them the most suitable for this occasion. The main perk of this type of speaker is that they have a built-in amplifier, as a result, there is less equipment [and subsequent cabling] cluttering the technical area. These decisions were made with client convenience in mind.

The morning of the event, our team arrived at the venue and began setting up the PA equipment. This allowed the event organisers to do a dress run of the awards ceremony. This preparation was essential in ensuring that the awards would run smoothly. During the event, all hands were on deck. The audio-levels were managed by one of our technicians. While the rest of the team worked as stagehands, helping hand out the awards. As the event had multiple speakers, our team had to be able to work on-the-fly. This included operating the mixing desk and adjusting the levels appropriately. The whole event required our team to be proficient in the equipment we provided, a testament to their knowledge and understanding of this type of technology.

“Massive thanks to the team at Lairds who provided Audio Visual support at our Scottish Veterans Awards 2022.  The team were very professional from start (Booking) to Finish (Awards Night).   We would highly recommend them and will be looking to work with them going forward on future events in Scotland.” – Rhia and Sean Molino


Veteran Owned Business of the Year

Being recognised as the Veteran Owned Business of the Year is an honour and we are proud to be a part of the veteran community. Mark is a veteran, Lairds is a veteran owned business and by extension our staff are a part of the veteran community. The full Lairds team are appreciative to have been able to contribute to this event in recognition of veterans.

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Pop-Up Cinema at Dundonald Castle!

What a wonderful treat, using our very own Pop-Up Cinema to show The Rocky Horror Picture Show and The Goonies. Picture one of Scotland’s most historic Castles, the vaulted ceilings, the walkways, and that view over Ayrshire! An appropriate sense of the macabre… is there anywhere more perfect?

Dundonald Castle has such an amazing atmosphere. As locals, we have visited many times, and so we jumped at the chance to bring our Pop-Up Cinema here for the local community.

Dundonald Visitors Center, asked Lairds to work with them to create an evening of fun and craziness. If you’ve ever seen the films on the docket, then you know that we had to match the colours, sense of adventure and level of intensity…  And that’s definitely up our street…

Let’s do it though with a bit more atmosphere, get that cult movie thing going and push the limits just a bit.

Rocky Horror Picture Show, the Goonies, fancy dress,  lasers, lighting and lots and lots of smoke!

Combine this with a crazy bunch, all dressed up, and hotdogs, I can assure you it was a fun evening!


So Cinema at Dundonald Castle? I think we will have to do it more often!

South Ayrshire Council Active School Kids Awards contacted Lairds to work with them on the Awards  ceremony in Troon’s Concert hall.

This is the second year we have worked on this day for the kids. We wanted to make this even more special than last time and to make sure it’s an enjoyable day for everyone. We love to see the kids having fun and being recognised for all their hard work, by The Active Kids School Awards.

With the aid of the rear projection screen and HD projector, Video distribution, Digital signage, and of course the Red Carpet. The kids were able to enjoy their day to the fullest, feeling like little celebrities… which they pretty much are!

We setup the entrance to the hall with an independently controllable audio system. This was engineered to give the kids the welcome they deserved playing a playlist including chariots of fire and more. Just to get the blood pumping!

For the rest of the evening we just made sure that everything went smoothly and the kids and staff could enjoy the Active School Kids Awards. We love to get involved with worthwhile projects, and look forward to being a help to others… (Instead of the nuisance we normally are!!)


Hansel Foundation Winter Ball

We love to support Hansel Foundation Winter Ball.

The Hansel Foundation is close to our hearts. Hansel is a leading social care provider, based in the West of Scotland, offering a range of services to people living with disabilities. Since their beginnings 50 years ago they’ve been at the forefront of innovation in developing supports for adults with learning disabilities. They continue to grow and evolve with the active participation of the people they work for and are in partnership with others who share that commitment to providing the best services possible.

They are a fantastic charity and it was an honour to be asked to get involved with their foundation ball at the Brigadoon House Hotel In Alloway, Ayr.

Lairds at the Hansel Foundation Winter Ball

Working with the Hotel and the Musicians, we opted to create a cozy and fun atmosphere. For instance, the lighting created a warm feeling that blended perfectly with the rustic style of the hotel. Additionally, we provided the PA system to help facilitate all of the events that evening.

What more could you ask for with the Hansel Foundation Winter Ball? The PA system brought a tear to the neighbours eyes I’m sure!

We brought a number of systems to the Brigadoon Hotel.

As a final touch, turning on the glitz and glamour with laser projection and lighting, the Hansel Foundation event was certainly one of the best on the Ayrshire calendar.

Above all, the feeling of pulling off an event without a hitch is a great one and Lairds look forward to assisting event planners, or even throwing a shindig or two ourselves! We’re especially appreciative that we got to help make the Hansel Foundation Winter Ball a special evening!

The Ayrshire Hospice Ball

Supporting the Ayrshire Hospice Autumn Ball at Seamill Hydro’s Firth Pavilion.

We have spent so much time in Seamill Hydro!

Its just amazing to see the Ayrshire Hospice using the technology and it being brought together for such  a prestigious event.

We were asked by the Hydro management and Ayrshire Hospice if we would be able to assist them on their biggest night of the year. Considering it an honour and jumped at the chance.

We gave the Hospice management the grand tour of the Firth Pavilion facilities so we could help them brainstorm the actual event.

The Firth Pavilion

The Firth Pavilions state of the art facilities include:

Full Automation of the suite.

Fully Zoned Music and microphone facilities.

HD Video Distribution

Digital signage

LED Colour Mix with independent control.

Full PA System with Logic Systems Speakers and 24 track Allen & Heath Digital mixing Desk

All this and more are available for the clients events in the Firth Pavilion.

Supporting the Ayrshire Hospice on this evening we left the hydro staff to what they do best and we managed the entire technology requirement for the Ayrshire Hospice. From liaising with them prior to the event, setting up images and graphics for the digital signage, music, Auction, Video displays and even the Roving HD camera.

The Firth Pavilion has the ability to live stream events. Outdoor entertainment facilities. Mobile video platforms, all of this was put to good use for the evening.

Our aim was to make sure the event went perfectly, and to relieve the Hospice of the stress involved with organising these kinds of events to help let them raise funds for such a great cause.

Working with the bands, and the other services made sure that we enhanced any of their services when we could. Isn’t technology amazing!


Supporting the Dropkick Murphys!!!

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