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A Modern Mansion

Modern mansion renovation

A Modern Mansion Renovation using the latest in building technology. This project from concept to completion used the latest in infrastructure design, installation and technology to fulfil the clients every need.

The Challenge of this contemporary estate restoration
This project was also a great example of every installers ideal job combined with every installers worst nightmare!

We had been contracted to work on this big residence restoration with 2 weeks to get the design and quote passed to the client for signing off and get the cabling complete in order to stay ahead of the other tradesmen involved, all the while the client is living between two rooms and the kitchen. The client had moved from their other property that was a fully equipped smart home and expected nothing less on this project.

Every room was expected to have entertainment and services with the simplest control possible.

This client was the epitome of a technophobe, as well as having the busy schedule of the wealthy socialite.

So, a Modern Mansion Renovation? Very much the challenge that we were willing and able to accept as we had the capability and skill to deliver on time within budget and also exceed the clients expectations.
A Modern Mansion

Treetops Troon kitchen with speakers and video Treetops troon pool garden Treetops pool

The Challenge of this project was to inporporate cutting edge technology into the Art Deco master piece that would become the most sought after venue in Glasgow.
The two brothers with vision sought out Lairds as their technology partners in this venture. We bascially became their right hand when it came to bringing technology innovation and creativity to their vision.
The ask was for us to design a no holds barred masterpiece never before seen in the city that would elevate their venue to world class standards.

Designing an audio visual masterpiece for a city center restaurant venue is no easy task. It requires a careful blend of creativity, technical expertise, and an understanding of the restaurant's brand and ambiance. We wanted to create a captivating atmosphere that enhances the dining experience for guests without overwhelming or distracting them from the food and drinks.
First, we had to work with the interior designers and trades to consider the physical space of the restaurant. The physical structure, layout, lighting, and acoustics must all be taken into account when deciding on the audio visual elements.

Next, we must consider the restaurant's brand and ambiance. The brothers wanted to create the blend that was casual dining experience and high-end establishment?
Our aim was to ensure that the audio and visual elements align with the Beresford's brand and create the desired atmosphere. This included ensuring that their particular genre of music was catered for and creating custom visuals that match the restaurant's aesthetic.
The Challenge of this Art Deco Style City Venue

We had to ensure that the audio and visual elements didn't distract guests from their dining experience, striking a balance between creating an immersive atmosphere and allowing guests to focus on their meals. For example, the sound level must be just right – loud enough to create ambiance but not so loud that guests can't hold a conversation.
Considering the technical aspects of the project. This includes selecting the right equipment and software to achieve the desired audio and visual effects ensuring that the audio and visual elements are synced correctly to avoid any discrepancies that could detract from the overall experience.
Designing an audio visual masterpiece for a city center restaurant venue is a challenging task that requires a careful blend of creativity, technical expertise, and an understanding of the restaurant's brand and ambiance.
Certainly a challenge that the Lairds team embraced wholeheartedly. We envisioned a space where the social world of the clients, and the brand of the Beresford would shine like a beacon through the city and beyond.
Pushing the limits of the latest technology and ensuring the Beresford would become immortal in the hospitality industry.
The Solution: a state-of-the-art system in this new modern venue with imagination

state-of-the-art upgrade speaker layout for swimming pool extension lairds technology consultancy state-of-the-art upgrade main house speaker system

Security was a priority, the existing system had been installed by what looked like a child! This had to be ripped out, centralized and re-cabled, and made operational within a very short space of time. So using the latest in IPCCTV from Merit Lilin sitting on top of a high capacity Gigabit network using the best Cisco POE Switches, Mission Accomplished!

We did however preempt our clients future demands and made sure there was sufficient cabling and bandwidth to handle additional cameras and workload such as 4k and Intelligent FR cameras   as well as fibre backbones for additional capacity.
Security as Priority

Main living space, to complement the Mirror TV we have Best in class Audio speakers in the industry from MK Sound Using the IW300 series , and in keeping with the minimalist scene we incorporated Sonance underfloor subs into the space.
The rest of the interior space in the property is served by a range of the superb Sonance speakers, from twin stereo speakers in the bathroom, the 4"'s in the hallways, to full surround in the master bedroom. The swimming pool is fully immersed in Sonance Extreme series , Bliss! The pool  side Jacuzzi has its own zoned speakers and has the perfect view of the Horizon screen for that intimate and relaxing experience. Our client knows they wont miss a thing in the Steam room and Gym as they too are fully connected!
Audio system I hear you cry! Hell yes!

Happy client, happy neighbours! And, the garden... A stunning landscape and paved creation surrounded by the Sonance Sonarray.

With 19 Audio Zones and 14 Screens, that can add up to a huge number of remotes and confusion. Using the ultimate in control technology from RTI the client has room by room control, from customized touch panels as well as app control from any IOS device and voice control. System Control

With a home face-lift of this size don't you want to know what equipment was used? Kitchen: Separated into two zones, In this modernized home the main zone, the dining space, is dominated by a 65 inch OLED 4k screen mounted on Future Automation's PS-WB articulated TV wall mount with in wall box. This Video screen is directly connected to the Wyrestorm Network HD distribution system. The audio stream is extracted and presented to the Yamaha amplifier. The audio is exquisite through the invisible Amina Edge Speakers and subwoofer. The cooking area and kitchen island is served by a pair of 4" Sonance speakers that can instantly be made a sub-zone or single zone for the kitchen party. The kitchen area is covered by a Ruckus ZoneFlex R510U for high throughput and instant internet when required. The area is controlled by the RTI KX7 with customized mapping and graphics for ease of use. The Technical Bit

Main Living Room: With our discerning client in this modernized home renovation, compromise was not an option. This stunning room was to be the focal feature for entertaining and comfort. Discretion was paramount and performance was key. This room was fully wired for video and audio distribution as well as control. A full in ceiling surround sound system was installed using the best speakers in their class from MK Sound and under floor sub-woofers that were installed in the custom built cabinetry under the main room bay window. Wyrestorm Network HD serving the 55inch 4k OLED screen and full RTI control. Ruckus Zoneflex R510U providing full WiFi coverage A stunning but surprisingly cutting edge entertainment space. Patio Garden: This massive space, fully slabbed and landscaped, just had to have something extra special. No less that two Sonance garden Series speaker sets just gave this area another level of design and functionality. Setup as a single zone on the RTI system fully covered by an external Ruckus wireless unit, the client can entertain or just relax at their leisure without upsetting the neighbours. Hallways Don't miss a beat with the 4" Sonance speakers strategically placed all the way through the property. Amazing sound, that you can barely see. Each hall can be a separate zone of the RTI but the system had been programmed to complement the main room zones for simplicity. Bedrooms and the snug Every bedroom in the property has been setup as its own fully connected zone. Wyrestorm's Network HD providing flawless 4k video, Exceptional audio from Sonance speakers. En-suite Audio and Video from Aquavision.  Wifi from Ruckus, and of course Custom programmed RTI control. Swimming Pool Suite We used a bit of poetic license on this area of the building, a brand new construction and state-of-the-art upgrade. We have created 4 zones in this area and cabled appropriately for future expansion. Using Sonance Extreme series speakers over the main pool area. Crisp, clear, and loud! And for the calmer more romantic evening, a pair of Sonance speakers over the stunning Jacuzzi as a separate zone. Aquavision's Brand new Horizon series TV overlooks this stunning swimming pool with its crystal clear display and multi zone audio options. The Gymnasium brings together multiple technologies. A 4 screen video wall served by Wyrestorm Network HD, 4 x Sonance speakers and an in-ceiling Sub-woofer make this room a joy to work out in. The Sauna/steam room has cutting edge BTT speakers from Lairds. No visible audio, crystal clear audio as a subzone of the main pool. How did we do it? Contact us for further details. External speakers were also setup for the decking area of the pool to give that continued journey to the patio. The entire space controlled by RTI on waterproof custom purposed tablets for the area. The house. Wiring infrastructure for this modern mansion renovation includes over 12km of CAT6 Gigabit Certified cabling as well as fibre optic backbone. Fully monitored wifi and network. Secure IP CCTV availability as well as secure firewall. The property has secure access, with combined ANPR, IPCCTV, intercom and notification facilities from the main gate and perimiter cameras. Equipment list RTI Kit: AD 16XC x 1 AD 8X x 1 CP 1650 x 3 KX 2 x 4 KX 7 x 2 pdm-1 XP-6 x 1 XP-8V x 2 Wireless: Ruckus Zoneflex R510U x 10 Speakers: Sonance BPS8 Subwoofer x 2 DSP 2-150 x 1 VP46R 4" x 18 VP46R Sur/SST 4" x 6 VP65R x 8 MK SOUND IW150 X 3 MK SOUND IW95 X 2 AMINA EDGE 7 X 2 complete with PROTECTION UNIT X 2 and back boxes Sonance Garden Series Speakers x 2 Sets AUDIO YAMAHA RXA3070 YAMAHA RXA670 Video distribution System NHD000CTL NHD000RACK2 NHD-400RX X 7 NHD-400-TX X 6 ZAPPITI NAS 8S RIP FUTURE AUTOMATION WALLMOUNT AND IN WALL BOX DRAYTEC P2261 ARAKNIS 24 PORT POE SWITCHES X 3 Download the  Modern Mansion Renovation Case Study Find more from Wyrestorm Here

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