ayrshire schools kids awards cscreen Getting the Big Screen Ready. ayrshire active schools kids awards the red carpet Bringing out the Red Carpet ayrshire active schools kids awards the hall Ready for the Kids. ayrshire active schools kids awards the stage Audio Zones.
Big Screen Projection.
PA and Mixing Desk.
ayrshire active schools kids awards the red carpet man The most amazing Welcome.
The locals are gathering already!

South Ayrshire Council Active School Kids Awards contacted Lairds to work with them on the Awards  ceremony in Troon’s Concert hall.

The second year we have worked on this day for the kids and an enjoyable day was had by all. We love to see them having fun and being recognised for all their hard work.

With the aid of the rear projection screen and HD projector, Video distribution, Digital signage, and of course the Red Carpet. The kids were able to enjoy their day to the fullest.

We setup the entrance to the hall with an independently controllable audio system. This was engineered to give the kids the welcome they deserved playing a playlist including chariots of fire and more. Just to get the blood pumping!

For the rest of the evening we just made sure that everything went smoothly and the kids and staff could enjoy the Active School Kids Awards.


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