Extending and already spectacular family home located on the west coast of Scotland, our clients asked Lairds  for Easy to use Audio Visual and Home Cinema throughout the home and garden. Functionality, control and the requirement to add to the system at a later date was high on the homeowners priorities.

Customer Wish list

A Quality system easily controlled. In other words, the homeowner already benefited from having a Sonos system installed and with Control 4, but they wanted the ability to add to these systems using compatible products that would increase the functionality. Meanwhile they wanted to add more audio zones and distributed Audio Visual tech and a Home Cinema.

Secondly, hidden technology – Having a young family the owners primary concern was the access to devices and systems stored on the network and safety element for the children. Therefore, working with the homeowner and designer we were able to accommodate all of the devices and systems stored on the network in a specially designed AV CAB discreetly housed within one of the kitchen cupboards safely out of reach of little hands. They are also big advocates of the outdoor lifestyle and were looking forward to using their newly refurbished garden space for the kids and entertain their friends and family.

The Solution

Fantastic extension project, from the ground up this stunning extension was planned with the family space in mind. For instance, the kitchen space was extended to allow entertaining, cooking and relaxing. Moreover, kid friendly, and safe. Meanwhile, open plan space where the parents can keep an eye on the little ones.
In addition, A 7.1 surround sound system with an underfloor subwoofer as well as video distribution to the rest of the property. Lastly,  a multi-zone audio including their fantastic outdoor space all brought together by Control4.

The challenges

Equipment Location –The homeowners brief was to locate the AV CAB in a central location within the home. There was minimal space available to accommodate the AV CAB, to overcome this issue Lairds of Troon sourced a suitable AV CAB that was of a compact design but could still accommodate the various devices and cabling and could be stored safely within a kitchen cupboard.

Underfloor Sub – With any project technical issues may occur, having a rather large sub located under the floor was a particular challenge, consideration had to be given to future maintenance or upgrade should this be required without damaging the specialised flooring that was being overlaid. Above all, Lairds of Troon worked seamlessly with the builders and the homeowner to allow for an access point without compromising any aspect of the flooring.

Featured Technologies


Project Budget

£13.000 to £15,000

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