The Ayrshire Hospice Ball

Supporting the Ayrshire Hospice Autumn Ball at Seamill Hydro’s Firth Pavilion.

We have spent so much time in Seamill Hydro!

Its just amazing to see the Ayrshire Hospice using the technology and it being brought together for such  a prestigious event.

We were asked by the Hydro management and Ayrshire Hospice if we would be able to assist them on their biggest night of the year. Considering it an honour and jumped at the chance.

We gave the Hospice management the grand tour of the Firth Pavilion facilities so we could help them brainstorm the actual event.

The Firth Pavilion

The Firth Pavilions state of the art facilities include:

Full Automation of the suite.

Fully Zoned Music and microphone facilities.

HD Video Distribution

Digital signage

LED Colour Mix with independent control.

Full PA System with Logic Systems Speakers and 24 track Allen & Heath Digital mixing Desk

All this and more are available for the clients events in the Firth Pavilion.

Supporting the Ayrshire Hospice on this evening we left the hydro staff to what they do best and we managed the entire technology requirement for the Ayrshire Hospice. From liaising with them prior to the event, setting up images and graphics for the digital signage, music, Auction, Video displays and even the Roving HD camera.

The Firth Pavilion has the ability to live stream events. Outdoor entertainment facilities. Mobile video platforms, all of this was put to good use for the evening.

Our aim was to make sure the event went perfectly, and to relieve the Hospice of the stress involved with organising these kinds of events to help let them raise funds for such a great cause.

Working with the bands, and the other services made sure that we enhanced any of their services when we could. Isn’t technology amazing!

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