Pop-Up Cinema at Dundonald Castle!

What a wonderful treat, using our very own Pop-Up Cinema to show The Rocky Horror Picture Show and The Goonies. Picture one of Scotland’s most historic Castles, the vaulted ceilings, the walkways, and that view over Ayrshire! An appropriate sense of the macabre… is there anywhere more perfect?

Dundonald Castle has such an amazing atmosphere. As locals, we have visited many times, and so we jumped at the chance to bring our Pop-Up Cinema here for the local community.

Dundonald Visitors Center, asked Lairds to work with them to create an evening of fun and craziness. If you’ve ever seen the films on the docket, then you know that we had to match the colours, sense of adventure and level of intensity…  And that’s definitely up our street…

Let’s do it though with a bit more atmosphere, get that cult movie thing going and push the limits just a bit.

Rocky Horror Picture Show, the Goonies, fancy dress,  lasers, lighting and lots and lots of smoke!

Combine this with a crazy bunch, all dressed up, and hotdogs, I can assure you it was a fun evening!


So Cinema at Dundonald Castle? I think we will have to do it more often!

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