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Home Cinema - An Amazing Transformation

An exciting room conversion in an Ayrshire detached sandstone building.

Home Cinema, Big Screen, and surround sound with the best quality Hi-fi available.

A blank canvas to work with the client to achieve the best in quality Audio and Video in a dynamic family environment.

Managing the property technology to achieve seamless integration with the web and video sources,services.

Without Compromise.

Cutting Edge Technology Upgrade

MKSound and Lyngdorf home cinema system with surround sound

This was a really cool project for a gorgeous family.
The mum and dad love their music and have a flare for style.
The dad asked us for advice. What would we do? Would we have a surround sound system? How many speakers for the perfect home cinema?
They love their music loud and love big bass!

The property is an old sandstone detached building. Although it looks large, the individual rooms are relatively small, and the structure is brick and plaster, so routing cabling in the walls would prove challenging. There is, however, a satisfyingly large space below the floor. Perfect for our cabling purposes.
The incoming signals are typically on the other side of the house. Satellite signal, broadband, telephone.
Our primary focus is the front room, with a bay window. The orientation of the room would also dictate the placement of speakers.
Decisions Decisions.

Our thought process includes the following.

Providing adequate seating for the family.

Maintaining the best quality system, sound and video.

What would be the most practical orientation of the room?

For example, if the room's orientation was with the window to their backs whilst seated, they would most likely need blackout blinds and curtains to block the direct sunlight on the TV. This would give them a better chance of speaker placement for surround sound.

Minimising the impact of the construction and cable routing and equipment placement.

Scheduling our work with the other construction going on on the property.

The survey.

We have a plethora of systems and equipment at our disposal for the perfect home cinema. In this case, with the client's construction, orientation and expectations, we advised against a surround sound system.

Reasons include the room's orientation, incoming light, wall structure and after discussion with the client.
The right-hand channels would be impacted by the Windows. We could bring a fantastic sound to the client using the best quality hifi.

The client decided on a custom-built wall-hung cabinet solution for the entertainment room, so we designed a cabling solution.

All cabling sources were re-routed from the other rooms. This included the Sky incoming signal, broadband and telephone line.

Tidying up on the way, we leave the other rooms cable-free Zones!

We assertained the wall's structure and embedded a future automation bracket to flush mount a 90-inch OLED TV.

As the couple loved their big base, we installed two Sonance BPS8 subwoofers under the floor powered by the Sonance DSP 2-150 MK11 Amplifier.

The system's centre is the Lyngdorf TDAI-1120 Streaming Amplifier powering a pair of sublime MP150 On-Wall Speakers from MK Sound.

All network, speaker, coax, and telephony cabling was hidden entirely.

Our joiner worked with the client to reinstate the skirting, and brand-new Colour changing lights were also installed in the room.

Once the installation was complete, the lyngdorf system was calibrated to bring the roomperfect solution into play.

As just a part of what we do, the client also asked us to hang his other tv in their living room, and as we did that, we tidied up his cabling there and made it part of a seamless solution.

Our Solution

The Client

89" OLED Screen Lyngdorf TDAI1120 Amplifier Technical Consulation
Joinery and Building Work Wiring Infrastructure Installation Lighting Infrastructure Integration Whole Home Solution Installation Photographs

For us, the client's reaction makes it all worthwhile. To sit with the client and see the tear in their eye when they enjoy their favourite tracks at whatever volume they choose. In this case, it was loud! It was amazing. The baby Lyngdorf and the 150's from M&K are genuinely stunning!

As the client now has their gorgeous new furniture and room finishes in place, including decorative acoustic panelling and leather suite, we returned to make that final system calibration. Calibrating from over 15 points in the room, Lyngdorf Roomperfect is the perfect calibration system. The quality is incredible. The client is thrilled! He made a point of letting us know that with our help, this installation has effectively been life-changing for him and his family. The room was unused most of the time, and they had been considering building an extension or loft conversion.
They use the room daily, and their son has his own room. We have adjusted the wifi and physical network coverage, so the client has a more comfortable space to work in, giving him more flexibility in his daily work life and his family an adaptable living environment.
What was involved in the project?

Here is a list of the hardware and services used to complete this project.

Lyngdorf TDAI-1120 Streaming Amplifier

M&K MP150 On-Wall Speakers x 2

Sonance Underfloor Architectural BPS 8" Dual Voice Coil BandPass Subwoofer x 2 Complete with Bandpass Connectors.

Sonance SonAmmp DSP2-150 MKII Digital DSP Amplifier

Future Automation WB80 In-Wall Box

Future Automation PS80 Articluated TV Wall Mount

Phillips Hue LED Lighting

Acoustic Panelling

Custom Built Suite by Infinity

Ruckus Wifi

Coax, Speaker and Cat 6 throughout.

Video and Audio Calibration

Technical Consultation and Design

The Technical Bit Conclusion

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June 7, 2024

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