We were asked if we can upgrade the restaurant AV At Hutcheson’s. One of Glasgow’s premier dining and nightclub venues.

The sublime, The class, The task?

In the Glasgow Icon we were asked to upgrade the audio system in the restaurant AV at Hutcheson’s and the 158 club to bring the somewhat dated audio system bang up to date and give it a bit of oomph!!

Our task from Rusk  & Rusk was to make sure the audio had personality.

They had an atmosphere and image to maintain!

Having completed the investigation into the existing sound system we decided out with the old and in with the new. A nice upgrade for the system.

AV Upgrade

The heart of the system is installed in the bell tower. An interesting feeling working up there I can tell you. So finding the routes, safely for the cables, protecting ourselves from Glasgow’s vultures, or in this case pigeons. (i hope).

All cabling in the building was tested and any issues fixed.  Thankfully not too many issues.

Our aim for the client was to give him a good overview and schematic of the existing system and a reference point for maintenance and future upgrades. Something he had never been provided with.

AV – Audio

Working on the distributed audio system we upgraded a number of amplifiers and installed the required equipment to give the zones that base.

New permanent DJ points were installed in both venues providing a more comfortable and reliable transition for the staff and guest DJ’s.

Equipment included the Sonance mariner subwoofers that were carefully positioned in the three zones powered by a Sonance multi zone amp Audio Management. A wee CCTV upgrade here and there for good measure, a good tidy up in the bell tower, and all done with absolutely no disruption to the daily running of this busy Glasgow Icon.

We provide the client with a regular support service and the comfort of knowing his AV and Networked systems are well taken care of. One less thing to worry about when your running one of Glasgow’s premier nightspots.

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