The Glen Rosa Suite

Controlled indulgence with the Glenrosa AV Upgrade as Showcased on RTI’s Global Website

Situated on a stone’s throw away from the stunning Ayrshire Coastline Seamill Hydro Hotel boasts the perfect location to appreciate the unrivalled beauty and tranquility Ayrshire has to offer. For example, this hotel overlooks the Isle of Arran and is surrounded by the Ayrshire countryside. Therefore, Seamill Hydro has become the prime location for weddings and a popular holiday destination for families.

The Hotel

This family owned Victorian hotel has undergone a major transformation over the past decade to bring the hotel into the 21st century. In other words to meet the continued demands and expectations of their customers. Above all, the hotel has been designed throughout to reflect luxury and comfort and appeals to a wide range of clientele.

The owners had a desire to provide their customers with the best experience possible. Above all, this would involve investing in technology. For example, control systems to maximise functionality without compromising the look and feel of the hotel.

The Suite

The Glenrosa suite is a prime example of the luxury and opulence this hotel has to offer. Firstly, the Glenrosa suite was formed from an existing 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. Secondly, the suite comprises of a 35sqm Master bedroom, 20.5 sqm Lounge, 12.5sqm Bathroom and hallway. Moreover, the suite has been decorated throughout to reflect luxury and tranquility this is enhanced with the large bay windows providing panoramic views of the Ayrshire coastline and the mountainous ranges of Arran.

Above all, the owners desire to provide functionality and access to media systems throughout this suite without compromising design required careful planning and consideration.

The Master Bedroom

This room was to benefit from a wall mounted thin bezel large screen TV with surround sound, blinds and mood lighting control. For instance, Telephony, guest wifi, and scheduled actions, etc.

The Lounge

Secondly,  this room incorporated a surround sound system and large flat TV screen. This includes, Lighting control, bar and coffee facilities, blinds control, client wifi and telephony.

The Bathroom

Lastly, this room was designed to fulfil the desire to have an area of relaxation and indulgence.  In addition, an Aquavision TV was installed alongside an in-built speaker system, mood lighting and blind control.

The Tech

Glenrosa AV Upgrade included the latest entertainment systems. For example, this included a PS4 and DVD player. Meanwhile, they  were  incorporated into the system and could be accessed from any location.

Meanwhile, the requirement to have a branded, user friendly interface was of the upmost importance for the control panels.  In other words, Lairds understood concerns that guests needed to operate the control system independently. They system also had to be robust to enough to withstand constant periods of use and new devices or systems being introduced to the suite. Therefore, the owners were introduced to RTI as this control system provided the owners the branded functionality, capability and easy to use interface that was required from the system.


The users interact with the system using room based touch panels as well as a locked down apple iPad tablet. Also,  the interface has been designed using the Hotels preferred signage.

In addition, guests have the ability to control the lighting throughout the suite, control the blinds, access all media on any TV or audio system installed from the user friendly interface installed on the Tablet.

Lastly, Hotel staff can override these controls for maintenance and cleaning modes, providing efficiency and confidence in managing the room.

RTI Smart Control

RTI has the capability of supporting a number of systems and uses. Therefore the customer has the option of expanding the system or changing the current system functions. The added support mechanism allows Lairds to access remote support, therefore minimising any disruption to the guests and giving the client the peace-of-mind.

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