Ka Pao Restaurant Glasgow

A brand new restaurant a long time in the making as Ka Pao Restaurant Glasgow was created.

Our client had unfortunately over time, significant delays in this project. At Lairds we made sure he had the information, support and professional service no matter the delays. We wanted to make sure he had that reliability all the way through to completion.

The scope of works

Our task was to build a simple to use, expandable, zoned audio system that was the best possible quality in its category. Lairds designed a suitable system and supported our client from Ka Pao Restaurant, Glasgow through the entire process.

The installation

With west end parking being a challenge at the best of times, our other challenge as always was to coordinate our work with the other trades onsite to make sure we stayed ahead to prevent delays. The majority of our work was high level containment.

We used the fantastic droplet speakers from Gallo Acoustics custom made and colour coordinated for the rooms décor on a commercial amplifier setup from Yamaha. Working in tandem with the interior designer and the electrician we spaced the speakers in three zones to complement the lighting in the project and to give the owner a distinct difference in levels for the bar and dining areas. Sonance speakers were used in the restroom areas and color coordinated to the rooms décor.

Completion of Ka Pao Restaurant, Glasgow

The three zones have multiple controllers strategically placed.  They now have the perfect ambiance at any time of the day or evening.

From what can only be described as an awesome Success on their opening night we sincerely hope that Ka Pao will become and continue to be a West End Icon.


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