A Modernised Victorian Smart Home  with the latest technology infrastructure in plush Ayrshire town. One of our more challenging Residential Systems.

Project brief

The homeowner had purchased this modernised Victorian Smart Home , it had already benefited from a distributed network infrastructure 7 years ago, it also had an existing Bose system. They required to upgrade the property with additional functionality of both video and audio distribution with control of the systems easily and effectively. The homeowner also upgraded his main TV and invested in a large Samsung TV supplied and fitted by Lairds of Troon that complimented the main viewing area of the home.

Customer wish list

A Distributed Video system, easily controllable via an app on the customer’s smart device. To allow access to his media sources for 4 TVs or more within the home.

Additionally, a fully functional Existing Bose system and placed in other parts of the home from the existing locations. Also, the customer requested a TV that would complement his new lounge area and be the right size and style. Lastly, we re-routed and hid existing and new cabling. Further, we distribute all services from an AV cab. This is easily accessible for any maintenance or upgrades to the system in the future.

latest big screen tv


Retro-fit Solution

The property is made of solid stone and brick. Therefore, as a retrofit project, we distributed the cabling throughout the building. Therefore, where work was not being undertaken, this achieves minimal disruption.

Cabling management

The client had existing systems within the home and network cabling distributed throughout, it was therefore essential to ensure that the cabling in place was still functional and re-route some of the existing cabling as well as expanding the system for additional services and incorporate the new layout and positioning of the main AV Cab.

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