The Challenge

In this new build Control4 home some jobs are more challenging than others and the most challenging are the ones where you have to fault find a system installed by another business.

This Control4 system was installed in a demo home for a builder who since went out of business.

We got a call from a prospective client who purchased a home in a lovely new estate in Mauchline.

Their home was the demo house for the development and from initial perspective the video, automation and audio system was ‘all singing all dancing’.

Things took a turn for the worse with the economic climate.

This client’s system effectively failed after a period of time with no support as the installing companies had ceased to exist.

The Solution

On initial inspection we realised that as it was a demo system, there was no consideration for future development of the system or upgrades.

Our challenge then was to reinstate the working system and configure it to allow for software updates, and possible future upgrades.

Initially when working with a legacy or pre-installed system the bulk of the job entails figuring out what has been installed, where the cables go and obviously the fault finding.

In this case nothing was operational, so the odds of everything failing simultaneously are very low so we believed it was initially a power issue.

This proved correct. It turned out that when the power connection for the hot tub had been installed the network had been ‘ripped apart!’ This had also had caused the Control4 ‘brain’ to fail.

Once the wiring infrastructure and system core had been replaced it was relatively pain free to bring the system back from the brink.

We were also tasked with upgrading the clients media hub. We used the Zappiti media server for this and had it operational in a relatively short time.

Using Pulse Eights Neo Pro we had the Zappiti working throughout the house quicktime.

The last thing to do was to create the software to operate the TV through the Control4. As this was not the original TV for the system we had to contact the manufacturer to obtain the IR codes, no mean feat!

All in all quite a lengthy job due to the investigative process involved. Once we had the system up and running then it would be an option for the client to upgrade at any time in the future as well as access the online facilities that come along with the Control4 system.


Give Lairds a call today and we can discuss your requirements.

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