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Its always an honor to have someone refer you to one of their clients. In this case with Ochiltree’s Community  Hub that’s exactly what happened. A colleague with whom we have grown to become good friends over the years was involved at the earliest stages of this project and introduced Lairds to the charity. A massive thanks to Chris at Rakkaus. 

Ochiltree community hub was born from the Charity formed in 2014 to improve and build on a strong community bond with a clear aim. A place to build on their initiatives, health, fitness, education and more.

We initially invited the committee to our Dundonald demonstration facility to wow them with our wonderful technology. Myself and Jo working as a team, I get excited, show them all the gadgets and how they work, Jo calms me down and translates my gibberish into legible English!

The aim was to provide multiple multimedia enabled spaces that are flexible enough to change the purpose of any room with minimal notice and to have a state of the art cinema for the community to enjoy the latest movies and audio with the best clarity possible within the budget.

After an enjoyable, lengthy discussion, design schematics were provided to the main contractor Ashleigh Building on approval of the Hub committee.

Ashleigh Building are a main contractor, established in 2001 based in Prestwick and Dumfries.

The Contract.

We were contracted by Ochiltree Community Hub to work with Ashleigh Building to design and install the infrastructure for a multi zone media enabled building including cinema space.  On completion of this stage we were to install the final products, configure for operation and provide continuing support for the facility and its patrons.


The main hall, a high ceiling gymnasium type hall. These size halls are notorious for sound reflection and echo. Plus, as this was to be a multipurpose hall, we had to ensure the security of the equipment. Also, the hall would be divided into two working spaces so effectively three rooms in all. The partition wall was one third of the way down the hall. The challenge that arose here was the throw distance for the projector. There is a projection distance limit where the requirements for a projector will result in a significant increase in cost. This was the distance from the screen and the amount of light needed to give a satisfactory image brightness in the room. With some further discussion it was decided to switch the main cinema area round and have the room partitioned with the cinema space in the smaller room. Should capacity be increased the partition doors would be opened.

We initially recommended an in wall surround sound system with protective covers for the space, however the environmental requirements for insulation and protection dictated that we had to use a surface mounted alternative. We selected the Sonance mariner series speakers for this purpose. They are superbly designed and extremely robust. The space was furnished by 7.1 surround sound setup with the rear channels switched to allow for the flexibility of the second room.

The second bigger room was furnished with a pair of Sonance Mariner speakers each side giving a deeper response, these were setup on a switch as the rear channels for the surround sound should the bigger room be used.

All of the equipment and challenges had to be overcome whilst staying within budget.

With regards to the sound reflection in the room this was countered by using panelling round the hall.

Over the course of the project there were a few extras thrown in such as additional control for audio zones, PA speaker input zones and more. All of which were available due to the well designed infrastructure.

The ceiling in the café area has a low ceiling portion at the entrance and a high vaulted ceiling over the eating area. We looked to have in ceiling 4” speakers and Gallo Acoustic pendant speakers in Chrome to give a level audio field.

Lairds Recommendations during the design process.

Lairds technology recommendations included video distribution system. Providing video to the two conference rooms, the café area and the projection system in the main hall.

Multi room Audio giving four completely independent spaces of audio. Complete with online streaming services to each zone.

IPCCTV security for the property with remote access and automatic offsite backups.

Network controllable Heating and HVAC system capability.

Industry High Volume and throughput Wifi suitable for a busy multimedia space.

Cinema Audio, projection and electrically operated screen. Included is the subzone necessary for the partitioned room.

Multizone audio sources. Giving the client the ability to have separate sources playing in each zone. Complete with a staff friendly volume control with the management level over all control available.

Remote Administration interface to allow Lairds Technicians to monitor and support the overall health of the facility and its network.

PA Speakers and mixing desk for the Main hall giving that extra flexibility for events. Wireless microphone system.

Multiple Network and audio input points in the main hall to add extra flexibility to the space for future use and expansion.

A HDBaseT sender receiver to give the clients a local input for projection in the main hall.

Robust Sonance Mariner Onwall Speakers for the main hall, colour coordinated Gallo Acoustics speakers for the café area atrium high ceiling, complemented by Sonance 4” speakers for the low ceiling area.

The Build

The Build began July 2018, Lairds were onsite when the site was watertight a few months later.

As always our challenge was staying in front of the other tradesmen to make sure their jobs progressed on schedule. It was a delight to be able to choreograph this with the project managers from Ashleigh. They knew they could contact us at short notice and we had the flexibility of being able to work in different areas of the building at short notice without detriment to other parts of the project.

High platforms and Cherry pickers were used, full H&S procedures and policies were adhered to over the course of the project.

During the build flexibility was key due to other trades, or technical difficulties, existing cable routes had to be adjusted where required.


Our infrastructure installation consisted of full Cat6 Gigabit Network.

Six networked zones including,

Two meeting rooms and café.

Office environment, networked backbone to gigabit switch for main hall and the plantroom management system.

Supported by remote access monitoring system.

The video system covered the two meeting rooms, Café digital signage display and the projector in the cinema room.

Audio zones included the café area, 2 zones in the main hall and the patio area at the rear of the building.

The Systems and Equipment

Furniture by the amazing Rakkaus of Kilmarnock

Wyrestorm 4×4 HDBaseT 4k Video distribution Matrix

Sony Projector

Sonance Speakers Mariner & 4” in-ceiling

Gallo Acoustics Custom Built Pendant Speakers

110” Electric drop down projection screen


IPCCTV Cameras By Dahua

Ruckus Unleashed Wifi

Sony 4K Video displays.

QSC PA System with ipad controlled mixing desk.


Give Lairds a call today and we can discuss your requirements.

We make sure you have the system that is right for you, your aspirations, and the way you live your life.

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