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Projector Installation and Set Up

This case study follows the work we did on a small scale project that really demonstrates the many details that need to be considered for every job. This projector installation came with a Projector and Projection Screen with a surround sound speaker set-up. This created an immersive and high quality audio visual display that would be the staple source of entertainment for our client. However, this installation took place in a home that was fully plastered and painted. So, to avoid disruption we had to think outside of the box on a few occasions to deliver.


This client came to us looking for an installation of a projector and screen set-up in their living room. They felt like small screens were the technology of yesteryear, and at Lairds AV, we have a certain affinity for that type of thinking! What's more is that this client, along with their family where avid sports fans and with this new setup they wanted to make their sports viewing into a proper event.
The Projector we installed was the Epson . In a slick black, this projector offers native 4K resolution for the most stunning and immersive display. It has a compact design which is perfect for installing in smaller spaces like home cinemas and living rooms.

The position of the projector is so important and we had to get this part spot on. That may seem obvious, but this isn't just a case of pulling out the trusty tape measure and marking a cross on the ceiling. Instead, we had to make precise calculations based on the room size, the projector type, and the screen to determine exactly where the optimum position for the projector was. Once these calculations are made, you can guarantee an installation that will completely optimise our client's viewing pleasure.
A Living Room Challenge



The Projector

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The installation however, required some extra work as the ceilings and walls had already been plastered and painted. We run lengths of cable through walls and ceilings to connect all the kit together, and this avoids ugly wires lying around, and guarantees speedy connectivity. Normally we get in before the tradesmen, when the house is still a skeleton and this allows us to have a little freedom and ease when cabling.

This doesn't always happen though, so we are prepared to do some extra work to ensure minimum disruption. In the case of a finished room, cutting through the walls and ceiling can lead to extra costs. What we did for our client then, was go through the rooms above. We flipped up the floorboards and ran the cabling this way. This limits the amount of holes we have to cut and more importantly avoids disruption to the interior design of the room for our client.

The Projection Screen

We installed a gorgeous Non-Tensioned Screen to offer a comprehensive display. This screen was Big and provided a clear and rich display that especially makes the colours on the screen jump out to the viewer, making this setup perfect for sports viewing.

The projection screen was to be installed  against an external wall and so the mount proved to be tricky.
The Installation

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"Sometimes, in this industry, we can setup and configure all the kit in the world, but it's the straightforward brackets, and other simple tasks that end up causing you the most bother." Our installer Mark said, chuckling.

Although the top of the projector sits a few inches just below the ceiling, it is actually held by two discreet holdings that connects the the wires to the cabling we installed. This meant the projector was in the perfect position for viewing pleasure and the design was still elegant and neat. The next part of the projector installation is the audio.
The Surround Sound

No projector installation would be complete without a top-notch sound system. We relied once again upon the Sonance Visual Performance speakers to help us create a perfect surround sound that really creates the immersive experience that the client was after.

We also installed a a Sonance subwoofer to really pack a punch. This set up makes you feel like you're in the stands at Wimbledon or Wembley, or at the heart of any blockbuster too.

The speakers were all received by the Yamaha Amplifier & Receiver. This has built in Yamaha MusicCast systems to make it extremely user friendly and also totally compatible with multiple streaming services and devices. The Amp has HDMI inputs and 4K and Dolby Atmos capabilities to enable it to perform to suit the client.

With the surround sound, the Sonance speakers were set up in a 5.1 configuration which meant that the front speaker configuration was LCR (Left Center Right) with  a left and right speaker at the rear. Only, there was one issue when setting this up. A support beam ran right through the center of the ceiling. This meant that our front center speaker would not be equidistant from the left and right speakers.

Fortunately, there was a way around this. Settling for a speaker that was off-center would ruin the aesthetic of the set up. So, we installed two speakers either side of the beam and configured them as one. This kept the set up nice and symmetrical and let us deliver the surround sound as we wanted it.
The Challenges

Some electrical work went into this job to provide a set up that was easy to use. It allowed the client to turn everything on with just the push of one button. We installed a 12-Volt trigger into the projection screen that allowed our client to turn on her projector and activate the screen by turning it on and lowering it to the desired height for instant viewing.

To Connect It All Together

By the end we had the perfect set up for enjoying sports or movies right in our client's living room. They'd be able to count the blades of grass on the crystal clear display. They'd feel like they were in the stands with the excellent surround sound. And yet they had all the benefits of being in their own comfy living room. The design looks simple and elegant thanks to our work behind the scenes (i.e. the cabling in the ceiling and walls). This Projector installation is looking its very best. Conclusion

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