The Rowing Club

The central hub for Scottish rowing, this training facility is a World Class venue and meets the highest standards for the training and development of Scottish Rowing. Rowing Club facility includes:

  •  World-class S&C Facilities
  •  12 Indoor rowing machines
  • Indoor rowing tank
  • Stationary bikes
  • Catering Facilities
  • Meeting room with A/V equipment 12


Lairds at the Rowing Club

In order to keep up with the best facilities in the world – for any sport – it is important to embrace new technologies anywhere you can.  This can take many forms, too, such as for strategy or improving technique. Or it can be for more general uses like improving comfortability and security of the facility.

What we installed in the Rowing Club is a projector and screen set-up for multiple purposes. The set-up can easily display footage or racing and/or training for easier analysis and improvement. The set-up can help develop strategies for racing better. Or it can even be used to for rest and relaxation if you wanted a high quality image for viewing a movie or streaming live sports.

This set-up also included Sonance Mariner 54 Speakers and a Yamaha amplifier. To top it all off we ran it on a Wyrestorm Network to ensure smooth running.

A Challenge at the Rowing Club

When we came across our challenge, we found a creative solution quickly and carefully to get the job done. Rowers are used to very early mornings, very cold water and very, very rigorous training routines. So we knew that complaints would not go a long way with this lot!

The Rowing Club facility has high ceilings and a metal roof, akin to that of a shed or a warehouse. We immediately knew that this place was liable to get freezing cold and we wanted to make sure that the tech wouldn’t fail if it did.

We therefore installed Sonance Mariners 54 Speakers. These speakers are water resistant and can withstand temperatures very high and very low. Lairds have installed these speakers in some pretty gnarly places, weather wise including a rooftop terrace beer garden in Glasgow, so we knew they’d withstand the cold.

Installing the Screen


For the screen, we installed an Elite Spectrum Electric Projector screen capable of 4K and Ultra HD Projection. This gives the clients a crystal clear image all of the time!

Next, the projector installed is the Epson 5000 ANSI WUXGA Large Meeting Room Projector. Top-of-the-line and perfect for this installation.

Finishing Touches

Also included, is the Google Chromecast, meaning that with a click of a button, any laptop or device can stream right onto the screen, making this perfect for wireless presentation.

Altogether the Rowing Club has a modern and high-quality set-up at their disposal. It has multiple functions for the club to use in training or something more fun.

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Give Lairds a call today and we can discuss your requirements.

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