The Lairds Auditorium

Ayrshires only purpose built 11/1/4 Dolby Atmos multi purpose demo room featuring MKSound‘s award winning speaker system.

Its every installers ambition to show their clients what to expect from them and we are no different. At lairds we endeavour to set the bar high and there is no where better to do that than our own offices.

Lairds Auditorium

We want a client to sit in comfort, pick up the custom programmed tablet, or remote and control their environment in comfort. Experience the exquisite taste of the industry. We want them to know that not only are they getting the best ‘bang for their buck’ but they are getting the best service money can get.

The Process

Initially we stood in the clients shoes and ran the guided tour. Firstly we have the office where we have demonstration screens showing the video distribution, graphics and digital signage. Demonstrations of various Network and Security systems. All the techy stuff. Here we can show the guts of the systems.

Then, the meeting room. A relaxed space where our clients can discuss their plans, view the drawings and schematics whilst enjoying  some relaxing tunes from one of the best audio systems in the world.

lyngdorf tdai 3400

Here we feature the Lyngdorf

 TDAI 3400 amplifier, MH2 and the BW-2 Speakers. A complete Stereo System with the absolute accuracy expected from such a respected brand. Then finally the Lairds Auditorium.


We started with an old run down lecture hall that had been derelict for over 6 years. An extensive tidy up and hoover let us know just what we had in store for ourselves.

A few discussions and a design or two later we had a plan set in stone and on we moved. Our master craftsman Mr McInnes was tasked and set to work on the joinery, whilst myself and Declan ran the required cabling for the system.

Just a taste of things to come.

All of this required a brand new, robust infrastructure consisting of Certified HD Cat6 and Multimode Fibre connections. All cabling has been installed as per regulation standards.

Finally the Auditorium.

When we started our Smart Technology Business, we quickly discovered that the ISE trade show was the place to be. Once a year the RAI in Amsterdam is jam packed with the latest and best technology the world has to offer. However, the best cinema rooms in the industry tends to be low key, and hidden in quiet corners of the exhibition. The reason? They know!  They know that their products speak for themselves. So the MK and Steinway Lyngdorf discovery was made and the rest is history so to speak.

Our speaker layout is 11/1/4 Dolby atmos,

Consisting of:

8 x MK MP150 Mk2

3 x MK IW300

2 x X12 Subwoofer 

4 x IC95

The best speakers in their class by a country mile.  If you want to put us to the test, come on down and hear for yourselves.

Room specification

We have a comms room, with a passionately built 42 Unit AV rack containing all the rooms equipment.  4k JVC Projector, 13 foot electric, acoustically transparent screen, Pro Yamaha Amplifier, 4k & UHD Blu Ray, PS4 Pro, Media Server, BYOD Presentation device and a Pulse Eight 4 x 4 4k Video Matrix connecting all sources to the main office system. All this is connected to a 24 port managed switch. We then in turn connected back from the theater to the main office network via multi mode fibre backbone.

Additionally, for the commercial proposals, we have a separate demonstration facility within the auditorium for Gallo Acoustic speakers and associated equipment.

We also have RGB Lighting and the entire system is setup for control through RTI’s astounding control system, fully customised for our purposes. The Network also has a high capacity internet connection with Araknis Gigabit network hardware, Firewall, IDS and Ruckus WIFI, also dedicated remote monitoring through VPN services.

Multi Function Space

Not being one for letting the lairds auditorium sit idle at any time, we also have a full PA System, including a 24 track mixing desk, microphones, DMX Lighting control, Event capable laser systems, and a selection of instruments. All of which can be blended in seamlessly with the rooms audio capabilities.


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