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Check out this stunning, innovative bespoke display from Samsung. Samsung’s The Wall is a MicroLED set up that can be made to fit any room. Read this article to learn about one of the foremost products for home entertainment.

First Debuted in 2017, The Wall has quickly become a staple of luxury viewing and contains many features that back up its bold reputation. From the sleek and bezel free MicroLED panels, to the high level of functionality, The Wall ticks all the boxes!


The Wall boasts the very best in brightness and contrast control it’s made up of MicroLED panels which contain millions of self-emissive LEDs.Compared to OLED, which contain millions of self-emissive pixels, the microLED display can handle black levels and contrast without any compromise to  to the bright, highly dynamic, range-friendly whites of LED screens. To put it neatly, The Wall has a perfect and clear image at all times.

Subsequently, what you get with The Wall is all the benefits of LED screens made by competitors without any of the drawbacks. Another example of this is image burn after prolonged use. With OLED and screens in the past, pixels, and LEDs have burnt out or bust after spending a long while in use. The Wall however uses a non-organic substrate, unlike competitors and this means that image burn will never happen. That’s a guarantee.

The Wall

Bespoke Display

The Wall is built up out of MicroLED panels, and these are bezel free, end to end screens. This avoids any joining lines when you install the screen at the desired size. The Wall can be as small as and 88 inch screen and has been installed as big as an 292 inch screen, which is massive. Eventually, there will be a point when The Wall can no longer scale up, but so far Samsung reports they have seen no decrease in quality in their largest installations.

Potentially, you can have The Wall any way you like it. Incorporating in your interior design, room space and shape. The conjoining panels can also operate as multiple screens, meaning that you can watch several channels at once, or check to see if the pizza delivery has arrived via the CCTV feed.


Audio Features

To match the vibrant display, The wall also features impressive audio. The Wall will likely be integrated into a surround sound speaker system but each display has speakers behind its screen. The speakers are typically situated in the bezel at the top or bottom of your TV. However, with no bezels, the speakers emit sound from behind the screen. Amazingly, this enhances your viewing as the sound emits closer to the source. Imaging a rugged Harrison Ford close-up shot, with his gravelly voice coming right out of his mouth! You’d love that… I know.

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Lastly, for a consultation on The Wall, you can contact us here at Lairds. We look forward to discussing the endless possibilities that The Wall has to offer to your home entertainment system.

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