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The Cinema Experience is an unrivalled way to enjoy films. However, watching films in your own home can be a very intimate and comforting experience. Here at Lairds of Troon, we expertly install home cinemas that achieve the best of both worlds; the quality of the cinema experience from the comfort of your own home. That is why we – like many companies like us around the world – champion the audio systems from Steinway Lyngdorf.

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Why You Should Choose Steinway Lyngdorf & Lyngdorf Audio Products

We believe that Steinway Lyngdorf’s commitment to the sound quality of their audio systems aligns with our philosophy about the cinematic experience. To us, great cinema should totally immerse you. It should transport you to another world making two hours feel like two minutes. The gigantic screen and the enveloping surround sound of the cinema goes a long way to help movies capture your imagination. And the history of Steinway Lyngdorf shows an innate understanding of this.

The History of Steinway Lyngdorf

In 2007, the iconic piano makers, Steinway & Sons, approached a small but innovative audio company called Lyngdorf Audio. Steinway & Sons asked Lyngdorf Audio to create a sound system that was completely indistinguishable from a real Steinway & Sons Grand Piano. In a demo, in a hotel room in New York City, Lyngdorf Audio tested their Music System on seasoned concert pianists and found that they could not discern the difference between the speakers and a real Steinway & Sons Grand Piano. With the success of this experiment, Steinway & Sons gave Lyngdorf Audio the exclusive rights to manufacture under the name Steinway Lyngdorf, and thus emerged the creators of the most accomplished sound systems on the planet.

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Unforgettable Cinema Experience

We believe that this exemplifies our views on what makes an unforgettable cinema experience. We believe that total immersion is achieved when a film makes you a part of its reality. This is why we use Steinway Lyngdorf’s loudspeakers and amplifiers and why we see them as a must-have for any home cinema.

What’s more, Lyngdorf Audio recognised that each and every room has its own unique acoustics. So, in 2006, they researched and developed a way to calibrate their systems to each unique room to achieve the best possible audio quality from their loudspeakers and amplifiers. Their solution is RoomPerfect – one of the largest patents in the audio business with 55 claims for new technologies. Thus, RoomPerfect identifies and removes all negative effects of any room’s acoustics with unrelenting scrutiny.  Consequently, the room and the speaker work in harmony to produce the highest audio quality.

Therefore, the need for drastic alteration of any room is severely reduced without any compromise on achieving excellent sound quality and acoustics.

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Get In Touch

To summarise, Steinway Lyngdorf’s sleek and classic design will fit nicely in any home cinema, achieving total immersion. The  Lyngdorf Audio Line also offers flexible connectivity for easy set up and combination with other brands. Visit our own auditorium for a demonstration of the Lyngdorf TDAI 3400 amplifier and MH2 and BW-2 speakers. To inquire, get in touch with us at on call us on 01563475033.

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