In the 80’s, we had the boombox, well welcoming into 2021, is the new Soundbok!

The world’s first bluetooth performance speaker! The all new Gen 3 Soundbok speaker is unlike any of the previous Soundbok speakers, or any other speaker in the world. With brand new wireless pairing, the new Soundbok is already over-ruling any of the previous Soundbok speakers.

Product Overview

The new Soundbok comes beautifully loud, and amazingly durable, all the while being surprisingly light. Bring the concert to your back garden, the beach, or any desired location, with 126dB volume and no distortion, have sound as good as front row seats at your favourite concert. Built in there is two 10” 96dB woofers along with one 1” 104dB compression driver tweeter ensuring the best sound. Going above and beyond, it is also performance ready, with microphone and instrument inputs installed, bringing that home concert to life, with sound modes included on the app.

Although the Soundbok app isn’t detailed, there are a few key features which are important – the sound modes are the most important. The sound modes are split between Bass+, Power and Indoor; Bass+ is the one which is most demanding on the battery, with up to 3 hours battery life from full charge, but also the one with the loudest, most powerful profile with the ability go up to 126dB. Power is the mode which is going to prioritize efficiency while keeping the speaker loud, by doing this, it gives another 2 hours battery life. And finally, Indoors sound mode lowers the maximum sound loudness, but as a result, gives up to 7 hours battery life.

Power and Durability

With the new Soundbok, they are ensuring there is absolutely nothing holding you back. Not only it being a wireless speaker, but they also have an instantly swappable battery. On full volume, the battery life on one batterybok would be up to 5 hours, while on a mid-volume, it is up to 40 hours. Play from any bluetooth device, while you can wirelessly team up with up to four other Soundbok’s that are in close range, to extend your sound and create a comfortable sound experience that could last all day.

With a sleek design, the Soundbok comes with extreme detail, from a steel honeycomb grill, covering the amplifiers, to silicone ball corners and a poplar cabinet. With all these features, the Soundbok has been concrete drop tested. As a result, the product comes with durability made to help it last. In addition to this, the Soundbok comes with an IP65 rated electronic coating, so while it is not going to be waterproof, the rating will allow it in most weather conditions it will have to endure, such as damp evenings and even a light drizzle of rain.

The durability that comes with the new Soundbok doesn’t come along in your standard wireless speaker, but this is shown as the Soundbok looks like something you would see in a nightclub or at a live music event. Coming in a cabinet-style unit, the weight of the unit comes in at 15.4kg, with dimensions of 66 × 43 × 32 cm, with two carry handles at either side, for an easy carry for two people, or one strong person.

Here at Lairds, we are Scotland’s premier reseller of SOUNDBOKS, if you are interested in buying one of these speakers, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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