One of the most common asked questions to our employees when they tell their friends and family that they work for us is “What is an AV Company?”. We’ve realised this is a question that more than just family and friends hold. Therefore, in this article, we are going to tell you all about what an AV company is and does.

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What is an AV Company?

An AV Company is responsible for supply and installation, and in some cases, operation of equipment that directly or indirectly process sound or visual media. When we talk about audio-visual technology, we’re referring to the synchronisation of audio equipment such as speakers and visual equipment or video walls, controllers, processors, and matrix switchers. Therefore, it is responsible for all things motion picture, radio, presentations, tv programs, conferencing, live performance, and more.

Some AV companies will focus exclusively on providing specific pieces of AV equipment to venues and people, whereas other larger outfits provide AV hire services as part of their broader spectrum. In other words, an AV company often wears many hats.

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What Services Do AV Companies Offer?

The services that are offered by an AV company, will vary from business to business. Some businesses will specialise in hire / supply and setting up AV installations for events. Whereas, other businesses will not only offer AV equipment for hire, but they will include the supply and installation of equipment in residential or commercial buildings.

What you require from an AV company will be dependent on the nature, scale, and the location. For example, if you are a business looking to hold small conference calls, then all you may need is a small system. This includes a projector, screen and a conferencing microphone and speaker. Or, if you’re a family-man looking to provide your home with a full entertainment system and security. The equipment you’re then looking at is speakers, CCTV, projectors, lighting and much more.

Ease and Access of Audio-Visual Technology

During the pandemic, as we all withdrew into our homes, the AV industry came to the rescue. By bringing the office into the comfort of our own homes, this gave a more flexible approach to working. This ensured that everyone was able to continue working, communicating, and connecting with each other. Done via digital means never thought of before.

What are the most decisive AV industry trends?

Like all industries, an AV Company will follow trends. Trends allow for the creation of big waves in the future, and allow for expansion and more exposure. The most popular AV trends that we have in 2022 are;

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